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Top 20 Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

The 20 Richest Rappers in the World as of 2021

Do you know who are the richest rappers with the highest net worth in the world as of 2021?

Well, Although we already know names like Diddy, Drake, Eminem and others who often hit the headlines of our articles about celebrities net worth. The answer will surprise you in this article as will we’ll talk about the richest rappers that you never knew that they have such a big fortune.

Hence, Let’s wrap up a bit and put together some million dollars numbers as we rank the richest rappers in the world at the moment.

Here we Go!

20. – Net worth: $ 75 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

The co-founder and sometimes the net worth of the Black Eyed Peas are roughly $ 75 million.

But music, onscreen performances and his work as a judge at The Voice in the UK aren’t the only thing helping to pile up money in his bank, and his foray into clothing design and technology company also helps.

19. Kendrick Lamar – Net worth: $ 75 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

A fan favorite is rapper, songwriter, and record producer Kendrick Lamar.

In addition to earning an estimated $ 75 million net worth, Lamar has bagged 13 Grammy Awards (37 Grammy Award nominations), 11 MTV Video Music Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award nomination and more.

And doing business with Nike and American Express also doesn’t hurt aiding the growing bank account.

18. Akon – Net worth $ 80 million

akon net worth

The musical work of this talented rapper extends beyond just the genre, and Akon’s music includes soul and R&B as well as more.

The Senegalese American owns a registry label and a clothing line, both of which contribute to his estimated net worth of $ 80 million.

The real conclusion here is that he is investing energy in important projects such as the one he co-founded, which provides solar energy to 14 African countries.

17. Nicki Minaj – Net worth $ 85 million

Richest female singer

The Trinidadian-American female rapper was making $ 80 million, shortly before – but in 2021, Nicki Minaj’s estimated net worth is $ 85 million making her among the richest celebrities of the world.

Aside from being one of the most influential women in rap music, Minaj is considered to be the richest female rapper in the world.

Never forget, she did some small movie business, took great endorsement deals and owns her own fragrance line.

16. Timbaland – Net worth: $ 85 million

timbaland net worth

Timbaland has held his position as one of the richest rappers in the world up to 2021 with an estimated highest net worth of $ 85 million,.

His talent for writing songs to artists like Missy Elliot, Chris Cornell, Madonna, Jay-Z and more has only helped by his huge net worth.

In 2018, he partnered with Princess Nokia to create the national anthem for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s Erase The Hate campaign. “Music is the most powerful tool for treating any negativity in the world,” he said, noting that participating in a campaign to help eradicate hate in America was very idealistic for him.

15. Ad-Rock (Adam Horowitz) – Net worth: $ 90 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

Beastie Boys guitarist and lead member Ad-Rock has an estimated net worth of $ 90 million, he is enjoying the proceeds from his work with hip-hop group Beastie Boys.

But it also makes extra dollars by remixing the jam of other artists. Oh, and he was also doing acting works.

14. Birdman – Net worth: $ 100 million

birdman net worth

The net worth of Brian Williams, a.k.a Birdman – also known as former Tony Braxton – is $ 100 million.

He’s been making dollars anyway because he’s a co-owner of one of the most successful record companies in hip-hop, Cash Money Records, although it’s been some time since he’s a huge hit.

13. LL Cool J – Net worth: $ 120 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

With a huge fortune, rap artist LL Cool J is among the world’s richest rappers with a highest net worth of $ 120 million.

This wealthy rapper also has his hand in clothing line, book publishing (four books), his record label and successful acting career.

12. Lil Wayne – Net worth: $ 150 million

lil wayne net worth

Rapper Lil Wayne’s fortune has continued to rise, over the years. As of 2021, his estimated Net worth is $ 150 Million.

Never forget he was only 12 years old when he joined Cash Money Records as an artist – since then, he’s become one of the brand’s best-selling artists, and owns a stake in Tidal and released his memoirs.

11. Snoop Dogg – Net worth: $ 150 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

Being considered a celebrity supporter of cannabis, Snoop Dogg’s net worth is of $ 150 million.

His fortune consists of some music hits, other acting parts of film and television gigs, and business bits that include a host of legal marijuana products, app and digital media.

10. Ice Cube – Net worth $ 160 Million

ice cube net worth

In addition to breaking memorable raps like ‘Check Yo Self’, Ice Cube is generating additional income from acting, screenwriting, clothing line and co-creating the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Big3.

Well, Now it’s no surprising that he is among the richest rappers of the world, as his net worth as of 2021 is estimated at $ 160 million.

9. Usher – Net worth $ 180 million

usher net worth

Yeah! Usher’s net worth is estimated to be $ 180 Million. The rapper, singer-songwriter is one of the biggest-selling recording artists in history.

He also has his own registration label and perfume line, as well as stakes in companies like Tidal, Yoobi, Mass Appeal, and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.

His offspring, Usher Jr., could learn a thing or two about making giant piles of his many parents.

8. Drake – Net worth $ 180 million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

Drake is a popular rapper and actor, whose net worth is $ 180 million.

The Grammy Award-winning Canadian Treasure has several endorsement deals in addition to all the music and cash flowing from its producer.

He started from the bottom now he is at the top richest rappers of the world.

7. Master P – Net worth $ 200 million

richest rappers in the world

The rapper, producer and former basketball player has a net worth of $ 200 million.

As the story goes, Master P used his $ 10,000 inheritance to open his record store, and it grew into a record company and developed into a business empire.

This empire in question has stakes in everything from telecommunications to real estate.

6. Pharrell Williams – Net worth $ 200 million

rich rapper in the world

The “happy” singer Pharrell Williams has a lot to be happy with.

From launching the creative multimedia group I Am Other as an umbrella for his projects, the rapper is taking advantage of costume design, a YouTube channel, and a textile company.

all of that has resulted into making him one of the richest rappers nowadays; and his estimated net worth is $ 200 Million.

5. Eminem – Net worth $ 230 Million

eminem net worth

According to forbes, rapper Eminem’s net worth is roughly $ 230 million, as he is still one of the best-selling rappers.

His earnings come from his Shady Records albums and recordings, and his random acting here and there.

4. Dr. Dre – Net worth: $ 820 Million

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

Let’s be honest, we all know he’s making most of his dollars from Beats Electronics, the company he co-founded and sold to Apple for $ 3 billion in cash and shares.

Well, Dr.Dre is among the richest rappers with a highest net worth currently valued at $ 820 million.

3. Sean Combs – Net worth: $ 885 million

rappers net worth

Sean Combs, better known as Diddy OB Diddy, has a net worth $ 885 Million.

He once held the title of the world’s richest rapper as the talented musician generates a lot of his dollars from his clothing line and stakes in companies like Cîroc Vodka, Revolt TV, and Aquahydrate.

2. Jay-Z – Net worth: $ 1 billion

beyonce and jay z

Rising to the top 2 of the richest rappers of the world on our list, we have Jay Z, his net worth is currently estimated at $ 1 billion as of 2021.

This rapper was the first billionaire in the hip hop industry, in addition to being a legendary artist.

He is considered an expert in business and life is long – so we have no doubt that he may once again climb his way to the top of the richest rappers in the world as of 2021.

1. Kanye West – Net worth $ 1.3 billion

Richest Rappers with The Highest Net Worth

The biggest pile of money among the richest rappers in the world goes to Kanye West. The rapper “Flashing Lights” is currently the richest rapper in the world with a net worth of approximately $ 1.3 billion.

West grows his dollars through record sales, his costumes, registration labels, and his stakes in Tidal.

Having his fingers crossed he could finally make his marriage to Kim Kardashian. After all, they are on rocks.

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