Too Short Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 7,000,000
Real name Todd Anthony Shaw
Source of Wealth Rapping, record label owner
Profession Rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor
Spouse/Partner /
Date of Birth Apr 28, 1966
Zodiac Taurus
Age 57
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 170 cm / 5 ft 6 inch
Nationality American
Siblings /

Too Short's net worth is estimated at $7 million 💵

Biography and early life

Todd Anthony Shaw, better known by his stage nickname ‘Too Short’, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is considered one of the legends of the West Coast hip-hop scene from the late 80s.

Too Short was born and raised in Los Angeles, California; however, at 14, he moved to Oakland, California. His parents were accountants and had nothing to do with music whatsoever. Short fell for music at a very early age, and his early beginnings as a musician started when he played the drums in a band at Fremont High School in Oakland.

He got the nickname ‘Short’ from his brother and fellow friends, who started calling him like that because he was shorter than the rest of his class. Later, he added ‘Too’ at the beginning of ‘Short’ after watching the story of a gangster named ‘Too Sweet.’

There is no record that Too Short gained a college education.


Too Shorts' early career probably started in 1981 when 15-year-old Short took a year off from high school to pursue his career as a rapper. After recording his first tape with his friend Freddie B, he went to a park where he sold that tape to a drug dealer for $5, and from there, it didn’t stop.

Afterward, he continued selling tapes and producing hip-hop and became known as the first rapper in Oakland with x-rated lyrics.

Later, Too Short started recording full-time with 75 girls but did not earn good money; however, he learned how the hip-hop music industry circulated.

In 1987, he decided to start his own company business called ‘Dangerous Music,’ but he lacked the money needed to create a recording company. So, he linked up with Ted Bohannon, an Oakland hustler who had money to invest in Short’s music imprint.

That is how Short’s popular album ‘Born to Mack’ came to light. This album sold out more than 60,000 units independently and featured the cult classic freaky tales, which later became one of his most popular albums.


  • 1983 - Don’t Stop Rapping
  • 1987 - Born to Mack
  • 1988 - Life Is… Too Short
  • 1990 - Short Dog’s in the House
  • 1992 - Shorty The Pimp
  • 1993 - Get in Where You Fit
  • 1995 - Cocktails
  • 1996 - Gettin’It
  • 1999 - Can’t Stay Away
  • 2000 - You Nasty
  • 2001 - Chase the Cat
  • 2002 - What’s My Favorite Word?
  • 2003 - Married to the Game
  • 2006 - Blow the Whistle
  • 2007 - Get off the Stage
  • 2010 - Still Blowin’
  • 2012 - No Trespassing
  • 2018 - The Pimp Tape
  • 2019 - The Vault


  • 1988 - Dangerous Crew (with the Dangerous Crew)
  • 1995 - Don’t Try This at Home (with the Dangerous Crew)
  • 2012 - History: Mob Music (with E-40)
  • 2012 - History: Function Music (with E-40)
  • 2020 - Ain’t Gonna Do It/Terms and Conditions (with E-40)
  • 2022 - Bad MFs (with Mount Westmore)


  • 1993 - Menace II Society
  • 1999 - American Pimp
  • 2003- America’s Sexiest Girls
  • 2003 - Get In Where You Fit In
  • 2006 -The Game
  • 2014 - Stop Pepper Palmer

In addition to having a role in these films, Short also released two DVD films, ‘Too Short Uncensored’ in 2001 and ‘Too Short Presents … Titty City’ in 2003.

Most famous for

Short is most famous for being a pioneer character in the West Coast hip-hop music world back in the 80s, with his lyrics based on pimping and promiscuity, drug culture, and street survival.

Some of his most popular hit songs are ‘The Ghetto,’ ‘Blow the Whistle’ , 'Ain't like Pumpin' and 'Still Blowin'.


Too Short married Erica Escarcega in 2000; however, due to Short’s promiscuous lifestyle, the couple had an estranged marriage.

An interesting fact is that at 53, Short became a father for the first time to a girl named Yanni Shaw. He had Yani with his then-girlfriend, Sue Ivey, back in 2018.

Other women noted as Too Short’s conquests are the American author, Karine Steffans, singer, Monica Payne, and probably many more that we don’t know.

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Something specific and controversial about Too Short

Surprised or not, Too Short has also worked in the adult film industry, and that was in 2003 in the film ‘Get In Where You Fit In.’ [1]

Also, in 2012, a video of Too Short was posted on the website of XXL hip hop magazine[2] , where he gives ‘fatherly' advice to young boys[3] - tips and tricks on how to please female genitals.


Today, Too Short, also recognized as the ‘King on Hyphy’ is one of the few rappers who’ve changed the course of hip-hop. Estimated at over $7 million, he is now managing his record label ‘Up All Nite Records’, which includes artists like Li'l J & Boi Payton, FX, Eyob Fantasy, Dolla Will, The Pack, and Boo Ski.


Is Too Short still married?

Reportedly, Too Short married only once, in 2000, with Erica Escarcega; however, there is no official record of whether the two are legally divorced. The sure thing is that their marriage is estranged, and they no longer live together.

How much does Too Short make?

Too Short earns an estimated salary of $1.5 million annually.


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