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How much is Tim Pool net Worth?

Tim Pool net worth 2021

How much is Tim Pool Net Worth? Tim Pool is an American journalist, YouTuber, and political commentator who has distinguished himself for his unique style of interactive journalism, covering events live at the intersection of social and traditional media.

He worked at the beginning of his career by covering the protest events on Wall Street in 2011 by major international media outlets including The Guardian, Reuters, New York Times, NBC, Al Jazeera English, and Fast Company.

Then Pool worked at Fusion Media as Director of Media Creativity, helping to develop media and using modern technology, such as drones and modern mobile devices.

Currently, Tim Pool is a freelance journalist reporting and discussing news on his YouTube channels.

Tim Pool has a Net Worth of $3,8 Million, and he earns an estimated $920.49 thousand a year.

His YouTube channel receives around 15.34 million views a month and more than 511.39 thousand views each day.

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Early life:

Tim Pool was born on March 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois.

He left school at the age of fourteen and began to learn on his own at home through books.

Pool’s work in the field of journalism was in 2011, where he relied on his work on Livestream style by broadcasting videos on the Internet through a phone or laptop.

As of 2021, Tim Pool Net Worth is $3,8 Million.

Tim Pool Net Worth


Tim was first known for his coverage of the protests on Wall Street in 2011. The following year, he covered the NATO protests in Chicago.

In 2013, Tim joined Vice Media, specializing in producing and hosting content and developing new and innovative ways of reporting.

In 2014, Tim moved to Fusion TV, an American television channel owned by Fusion Media Group, where he worked as Media Creative Director and Senior Correspondent.

In February 2017, Tim traveled to Sweden to investigate media reports of no-go zones and problems with refugees there. He explained how he came up with the idea for this investigation, saying he was inspired by Trump’s speech in Melbourne, Florida about Sweden. and immigrants living there.

Tim says there is a plan for a project after he shoots in Sweden, where he says Germany, Belgium, and France are the next countries and Germany is likely to be next.

He won the award for the best journalist in social media, in addition to that, he was distinguished for being the person of the year 2011.

In 2021, Tim Paul is a freelance journalist reporting and discussing news on his YouTube channels with a few hundred thousand subscribers and followers.

The Net Worth of Tim Pool is $3,8 Million.

Personal life:

No information is available about his personal life.

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