Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021

Tiger Woods net worth 2021

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021: Tiger Woods is the world’s most successful and most famous American golfer, considered the richest golfer in the world and of all time, and has been the highest-grossing celebrity for many years.

He won numerous awards, including 14 major tournaments, and 71 PGA Tour. He was also crowned by PGA with the title of Player of the Year 9 times.

As of 2021, Tiger Woods’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $ 800 million, and one of the highest-paid athletes is also, earning between $ 50 and $ 60 million a year from his various endeavors which we will list below.

Early life:

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021

Eldric Tunt Woods was born on December 12, 1975, in Cypress, California. He was the only child of an American army officer father of African descent and a Thai mother.

His father began calling him Tiger when he was a child in honor of his friend, the soldier who had the same title.

Woods started playing golf at the age of 3 and his father encouraged him and coached him. Woods pursued his university education at Stanford University, but did not graduate from it, and since that time, the titles, championships and achievements he achieved have followed.


Tiger Woods net worth 2021

Woods began playing golf since he was a child, training under his father “Earl”, and at the age of 8, he became a very good player.

During his college career at Stanford, Woods won several American amateur golf titles before becoming a professional golfer in 1996.

At the age of 21, Woods’ fame began to increase after winning the American Masters in Augusta from 1997, with a record of 270, as he was the youngest man to win that title as well as the first African American to achieve this feat.

In his debut later that year at the British Open, Woods set the tournament record at number 64.

The next few years were full of successes, as he won four AAA titles and three each of the following tournaments: the US Open, the Open Champions, and America’s Masters Championship.

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021:

Tiger Woods Net Worth 2021

Woods appeared at # 8 on Forbes‘ list of highest-paid athletes in the world.

In 2009, Tiger Woods was the first professional athlete in the world to earn more than $ 1 billion in his career, and his net worth was $ 600 million, making him the 2nd richest black person in the United States, after Oprah Winfrey.

As of 2017 as of this writing, Woods is the highest paid golfer in the world. In 2021, Tiger Woods’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $ 800 million,

Tiger Woods Net Worth Milestones:

  • 1995: $10,000 (before turning pro)
  • 1997: $7 million (signs first deals with Nike and Titleist)
  • 1999: $40 million
  • 2001: $50 million
  • 2003: $100 million
  • 2005: $250 million
  • 2009: $500 million (career earnings surpass $1 billion)
  • 2010 $400 million (divorce settlement finalized)
  • 2016: $700 million
  • 2019: $800 million

Tiger Woods Career Earnings:

  • 2016: $34.61 million total ($35.5 million from endorsements)
  • 2017: $43.3 million total ($42 million from endorsements)
  • 2018: $36.1 million total ($35.5 million from endorsements)
  • 2019: $65 million (so far – includes $2.07 million from 2019 Masters win)
  • 2020: $50 million
  • Tiger Woods’ total career earnings as of 2019 are $1.8 billion


Woods only earns more than $ 60 million annually from sponsorship deals with several international companies such as: Nike, TaylorMade, Monster, GOLFTV, Bridgestone, Kowa, Hero, Upper Deck, Full Swing Simulators, and Centinel Spine.

Woods has been with Nike since 1996, signing a whopping $ 40 million deal over five years, which has been replenished for $ 100 million over another five years.

In addition to his course entry and endorsement, Woods is also a course designer, restaurant owner and works in the events business, with Genesis Invitational, Hero World Challenge, Nexus Cup, Tiger Jam, and Tiger Woods Invitational.

How does Tiger Woods spend his money?

Tiger Woods has an enormous amount of assets such as a $ 25 million yacht, a $ 20 million PGA retirement plan, a Gulfstream G550 private jet worth $ 53 million, $ 55 million in ocean properties in Florida, and more.

Personal life:

Woods married Swedish model Elin Nordegren in October of 2004. His wife gave birth to their first child, Sam Alexis Woods, on June 18, 2007. In 2009, the couple had their new baby, Charlie Axel Woods, on February 8th.

Media news indicated that there was a possible divorce between him and his wife, and that the settlement agreement between them amounted to 750 million dollars, including property in Sweden and the family home in California in favor of his wife in exchange for his wife’s final silence about his affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Reports also say that his wife gained custody of his children and that Woods agreed not to introduce his children to a new woman unless he marries her.

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