Tea Leoni Net Worth

Net Worth $ 50,000,000
Real name Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni
Source of Wealth Movies
Profession Actress
Spouse/Partner Tim Daly
Date of Birth Feb 25, 1966
Zodiac Pisces
Age 56
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 175 cm / 5 ft 8 inch
Nationality American
Siblings /


Tea Leoni, born Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni, is an American actress of Italian, English, and Irish descent mostly known for her role as Julie Mott in "Bad Boys" as well as for being featured in the TV series "Flying Blind," and "The Naked Truth."

Leoni also won the Saturn Award in the Best Actress category for her role in the movie "The Family Man." During her career, she received nominations for multiple other awards.

Her net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Early Life

Tea Leoni was born on February 25, 1966, in New York City to Anthony Pantaleoni and Emily Ann.

Leoni comes from a family of different professional backgrounds, but she is not the first to become an actress.

Her father, Anthony, was a lawyer; her grandfather Maffeo Pantaleoni was a politician and economist; her grandmother Helenka Adamowska Pantaleoni was a silent actress, and her great-grandfather from her mother's side was an actor in the thirties, Hank Petterson.

She attended two private schools and enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College but did not complete it; instead, she pursued an acting career.

Career Development

Leoni's first try to show her face on the TV screens was in an eighties series that unfortunately never aired.

Her debut came when she was 24 years old in the early nineties, with a small role in the TV series "Switch."[1]

A year later, in 1992, she was featured in the comedy-drama movie "A League of Their Own," acting alongside Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Lorry Petty, Jon Lovitz, and David Strathairn.[2]

In 1995, just after the start of her career, Leoni landed a leading role in the famous comedy movie "Bad Boys," which also starred Will Smith and Martin Lawerence.[3]Leoni was portraying Julie Mott, a key witness to a murder.

This very role opened many opportunities for the actress. In the coming years, she landed roles in the movies "Deep Impact," "The Family Man," which also starred Nicolas Cage, and the famous "Jurassic Park III." [4]

In 2002, she starred in Woody Allen's movie "Hollywood Ending," In the same year, she appeared in Daniel Algrant's "People I Know" with Al Pachino and Kim Basinger.[5]

In 2004, she played the role of Deborah Clasky in the comedy-drama "Spanglish" which had Adam Sandler in the leading role.[6]

The movie received mixed reviews- out of 168 reviews on rottentomatos.com, 54% gave it rotten tomatoes.[7]

Leoni continued her work in comedy movies, and in 2005 she starred alongside Jim Carrey in the film "Fun With Dick and Jane."

"You Kill Me," "The Smell of Success," and "Ghost Town" were her following acting engagements.

Leoni's last role was in the TV Series "Madam Secretary," aired from 2014-2019.

In addition to her acting career, Leoni has served as a UNICEF Ambassador since 2001.

Moreover, she has served on the National Board of the United States Fund for UNICEF since 2006.

She becomes the third generation of her family to work with UNICEF because her grandmother co-founded the United States Fund for UNICEF and served as president for 25 years.[8]

Personal Life

In 1991 the actress was married to Neil Joseph Tardio, Jr., a television producer, but the couple split in 1995.

In 1997 Leoni married David Duchovny, with whom she has two kids. The two divorced in 2014.

Currently, the actress is dating Tim Daly, who also, like her, was a part of the "Madam Secretary" cast.


Tea Leoni is an American actress most famous for her role in the comedy movie "Bad Boys."

Her career included roles in many successful films with top celebrities like Will Smith, Tom Hanks, and Al Pachino.

Her net worth is estimated at $50 million.


Is Tea Leoni in Jurassic Park Dominion?

No, Tea Leoni is not part of the Jurassic Park Dominion. 

Did Tea Leoni and Tim Daly split?

As per most recent articles, Tea Leoni is still dating Tim Daly. 

What are Tea Leoni's most famous movies?

"Bad Boys," "The Family Man," "Jurassic Park III."


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