Sondra Theodore Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 3,000,000
Real name Sondra Theodore
Source of Wealth Model & Actress
Profession Acting
Spouse/Partner Ray Manzella (ex-husband)
Date of Birth Dec 12, 1956
Zodiac Sagittarius
Age 66
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 168 cm / 5 ft 6 inch
Nationality American
Siblings /

Sondra Theodore’s net worth is estimated at $3 million net worth 💵

Biography and early life

Sondra Theodore, known as ‘Baby Blue’ almost two decades ago, was born in San Bernardino, California, USA. The identities of her parents remain unknown to the public. Also, there is no record of whether she has any siblings.

She grew up beautiful, and her looks were noticed everywhere. At the time, she was the perfect embodiment of true American beauty with her golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Even as a young teenager, she was aware of her beauty and considered it a power and ticket to navigating the life she wanted.

She received an education at the local schools in her hometown.

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Making a career out of her body and personality

Many believe that good looks and a grin personality could be the best ticket to the entertainment and fashion world, and for Sondra, it was precisely the case.

Her career beginnings were in modeling, where she posed for the notable ‘Playboy Magazine’ in the 70s and became an instant sensation. Soon after, she met Hugh Hefner, who saw her potential and made her the ‘Playmate of the month’ for Playboy’s magazine July issue in 1997.[1]

That was her debut in the world of fame, and after it, she received offers for many other projects.

Also in 1977, Sondra leaped into acting and had a minor role in the TV series ‘The Bob Newhart Show.’

In the years that followed, Sondra had other acting gigs and was featured in movies like ‘Stingray,’ ‘Thee on a Date,’ ‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘CHiPs’ and others.

Sondra’s career in the movie industry ended in 1983, and the last movies she was featured in were ‘The Man Who Loved Women’ (1981) and ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’ (1983).

Most famous for

Sondra became very popular after she exposed her experience working for Playboy magazine in the Amazon Prime documentary series 'Secrets of Playboy’.

Besides that, Sondra is best recognized for her work in films like ‘Skateboard,’ ‘Stingray,’ ‘Barnaby Jones.’

Sondra’s big trauma

It all came out in 2021 when Sondra spoke out loud for the first time. She revealed her traumatic and disturbing experience with the so-called ‘playboy boss,’ Hugh Hefner. She exposed it in the docuseries 'Secrets of Playboy,' where she claimed Hefner pushed her to participate in an orgy, where she was forced to have sex with others while he recorded it.

In the series, she referred to him as a ‘monster’ because she perceived him as a sex addict and very much into snuff movies[2]and bestiality[3] .

In addition, she also claimed that she was manipulated to be a drug mule for Hefner, who allegedly forced her to take trips and buy cocaine.

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Personal life and relationships

Sondra dated Hugh Hefner for five years, from 1976 to 1981.

Sondra was married to the movie producer, manager, and businessman, Ray Manzella, for 11 years, and with him, she shares two kids, a daughter and a son.

Currently, Sondra is fulfilling her time with her job as a designer, creating custom-made and unique furniture pieces[4] .


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