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Pitbull Net Worth

pitbull net worth

What is Pitbull Net Worth ‘s net worth? Pitbull is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter as well as an entrepreneur and spokesperson for dozens of brands.
He has many successful songs and albums, and participated in some songs with other artists such as Shakira, RedOne, Janet Jackson, and others

Pitbull has a net worth of $ 100 Million. This is thanks to the business activities ​that he carries out and also through the release of many albums and songs that have met with great success all over the world.

Pitbull endorses many products including Bud Light, Kodak, and Dr. Pepper, also bought a stake in Miami Subs Pizza and Grill.

In 2012, Pitbull participated in an ad campaign with Walmart, and in November of the following year, he launched his own fragrance collection.

On May 19, 2015, Pitbull launched a radio channel on Sirius XM Radio, called Pitbull’s Globalization Radio where it focuses on dance / DEM and R&B hip-hop from around the world.

In 2019, he joined Boost Mobile to create a series of ads with the goal of expanding Boost Mobile into Spanish communities.

On February 2, 2020, Pitbull appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Super Bowl LIV, alongside Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, Alex Rodriguez, and Stephen Van Zandt.

Pitbull helped build Sports Leadership and Management Charter Middle / High School in prep and high school in Miami’s Little Havana, the neighborhood where he grew up.

All this is enough to bring Pitbull’s net worth to over $ 100 million, making him one of the top 10 rappers on the planet.

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Early life:

Armando Christian Perez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, was born on January 15, 1981, to Cuban immigrant parents who settled in Miami, Florida. His parents divorced when he was young and his mother took charge of raising him and raising him on her own.

The greatest inspiration for little Armando was the Cuban national hero and distinguished poet Jose Marti, as Pitbull was able to preserve most of his famous works even when he was three years old.

He spent his childhood listening to different music such as salsa, hip-hop, bachata, and other types of music.

Armando completed his education at South Miami Senior High School and graduated from Miami Coral Park High School, focusing immediately on music and walking steadily to become a famous Rap singer.

pitbull net worth


Singer Lil Jon helped Pitbull produce his first successful album in 2002, titled “Kings of Crunk”.

Then in 2004, he released a solo album with TVT Records titled “Money Is A Major Issue”. The following year he added one song to the album, with Pretty Ricky, entitled “Everybody Get Up”.

He continued to release many other albums, which are:

  • El Mariel (2006): It is the name of the same boat mentioned in the famous American actor Al Pacino’s movie “Scarface”.
  • The Boatlift (2007): It contained some famous songs like “Secret Admirer” which Lloyd sang with him.Pitbull Starring in Rebelution (2009): the most famous song on this album is: “I Know You Want Me”.
  • Armando (2010): It was his first album in Spanish.
  • Planet Pit (2011): It was from the song “Hey Baby” with the famous singer T-Pain, which was a huge success.
  • Global Warming (2012): This album contained special songs, the most famous of which was “Back In Time”, which achieved great success and were used in the movie “Men In Black 3: Back In Time”.
  • Globalization (2014): Around the same time, other songs were released such as “Wild, Wild Love,” “Fireball,” and “Time Of Our Lives”.
  • Dale (2015)
  • Climate Change (2017)
  • Libertad 548 (2019)

In 2009, he contracted with Ultra Records and released his fourth studio album, “Rebelution” with Ultra Records. Perhaps the most famous songs in this album are: “I Know You Want Me”, “Hotel Room Service” and “Blanco”.

Later in 2010, he performed a number of songs with some singers, perhaps the most famous of which are:

  • “Somos El Mundo” with Emilio and Gloria Estefan,
  • “Heart, Beat, Love” with Janet Jackson,
  • “Armanda Latin” on “Rise Up” with creative Latin rapper Cypress Hill,
  • And All Night Long with Alexandra Burke,
  • “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love” with famous singer Asher Asher.
  • In April of 2011, he participated with the famous actress Jennifer Lopez with two songs on her album
  • “Love?” They are “Fresh Out The Oven” and “On The Floor”.

He performed a number of concerts in various regions of the world and those concerts attracted a large audience, such as the “Rebelution Tour” between 2009-2011, “Planet Pit World Tour” in 2012, and the “North American Tour” in 2013, among others.

Pitbull has a net worth of $ 100 Million.

pitbull net worth

Personal life:

Pitbull has two children with Barbara Alba. They separated in 2011.

He is the father of two other children, but he has kept the details of the parenting relationship quiet from the media.

The net worth of Pitbull is $ 100 Million.

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