Paula Jones Net Worth

Net Worth $ 700,000
Real name Paula Rosalee Corbin
Source of Wealth Civil servant
Profession Civil servant
Date of Birth Sep 17, 1966
Zodiac Virgo
Age 56
Gender Female
Height 157 cm / 5 ft 1 inch
Nationality American


Paula Jones, born Paula Rosalee Corbin, gained popularity based on her sexual harassment lawsuit against then-president Bill Clinton. Her case was directly linked to Monica Lewinski’s case, which ultimately helped Clinton’s impeachment.

After coming to an agreement to make a payment in exchange for Paula dropping the lawsuit, the ex-president had to pay Paula Jones a settlement of $850,000.

After the dust of the lawsuit settled, Jones went on to pursue a career as a reality TV personality.

Early life

Paula Jones was born in Lonoke, Arkansas. Her father was a minister in an evangelical church - the Church of the Nazarene.

She graduated high school in Carlisle, Arkansas, in 1984. While attending secretarial school in Little Rock, Arkansas, she met her husband, Steve Jones.

She had several different jobs before finally getting a job for the United States Government in the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission in 1991.

A couple of years later, Paula Jones submitted a lawsuit against Bill Clinton, which was one of the biggest controversies of the time, and a tale that followed Jones for the rest of her life.[1]


In May 1994, Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against US President Bill Clinton, claiming that in May 1991, Clinton had exposed himself and touched Jones inappropriately at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.

By 1997, Jones’ lawsuit reached as far as the US Supreme Court, and the settlement was finalized as late as November 1998.

Bill Clinton was proven to have lied under oath when asked about Monica Lewinsky while the lawsuit Jones v. Clinton was still ongoing, which surely helped Jones build a stronger case.

In the lawsuit, Clinton was accused of perjury due to evidence being presented.

Initially, Paula’s lawsuit was ‘lacking legal merit,’ which was why the lawsuit got dismissed. However, by 1998, Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky was exposed to the public, followed by Clinton’s confession of having an inappropriate relationship with her.

Reportedly, Paula Jones claimed that she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton while on an official business trip as an Arkansas state employee, and she was asked by a State Trooper to report to Clinton. The incident took place in 1991, but Jones claimed that she kept quiet for the following three years. The judge that was ruling the case decided that Jones failed to show any evidence of the allegations she had made.

Bill Clinton, however, claimed that she came to him with a proposal of being his mistress, all while denying all allegations made by Jones.

By the end of the whole trial, Bill Clinton paid Jones the requested amount in exchange for her to drop the lawsuit, which she ultimately did. Bill Clinton and his PR team claimed the money was paid in order to finally finish the whole story, while Paula and her team claimed that his paying the money could be considered evidence of him being guilty.

The settlement was made in November 1998, but without any apology from Clinton’s end.

While the lawsuit was happening in 1994, the ‘Penthouse’ magazine had published and released half-nude photographs of Paula, taken by her ex-boyfriend Mike Turner. A federal judge made a request not to distribute the photos, but the owner claimed that the magazine had already been distributed all across the states.

Due to disagreements regarding her sexual harassment lawsuit, Paula and Steve Jones got divorced not too long after the settlement was done.[2]

Paula Jones got remarried in 2001, to Steven Mark McFadden.[3]


Paula Jones was one of the most important parts that ultimately led to Clinton’s impeachment, and brought reality to light.

Many controversies followed the former Arkansas employee, but she is mostly known for suing Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, which led her to have a net worth of $700,000.


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