Nick Sandmann Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 1,000,000
Source of Wealth Lawsuits / Settlement money
Profession Senior student
Spouse/Partner In a relationship
Date of Birth Jul 15, 2002
Zodiac Cancer
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 180 cm / 5 ft 10 inch
Nationality American


Nick Sandmann is an American student who became popular after a video of him staring at the native American protester, Nathan Phillips, went viral on social media in January 2019. After the video exploded, many media outlets presented Sandmann as aggressive.

Nick Sandmann and his family filed several lawsuits against these media outlets, which were settled. The biggest part of Sandmann’s net worth comes from the defamation deals he reached with the agencies. In this post, we’ll go into Nick Sandmann’s net worth, income, career, personal life, education, etc.

Nick Sandmann's net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Early life

Nicholas (Nick) Sandmann was born on July 15, 2002, in Kentucky to his parents, Ted Sandmann and Julie Sandmann. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He attended Covington Catholic High School until 2020. Then he went to Transylvania University College, where he is currently pursuing his graduation. According to some sources, his favorite hobbies are driving, swimming, and boating.

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Gaining popularity

Nick Sandmann gained popularity on January 18, 2019, when a video of him went viral. That day, Nick visited Washington DC, on a trip organized by his high school to attend the March for Life rally.

At the same time, another rally was taking place at the same time by the Indigenous people named Indigenous People’s March. The incident happened at the Lincoln Memorial [1]when the high school student Nick Sandmann came face to face with the war veteran and native American protester Nathan Phillips.

Prior to the confrontation, Sandmann and his friends claim they were waiting for the bus to pick them up after the rally when a group of Black Hebrew students started taunting them. Nathan Phillips took the side of the Black Hebrew students and started defending them.

This is when Sandmann came face-to-face with Phillips and stared at him. Sandman is also seen wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap. The video of the encounter went viral overnight, receiving millions of views and shares.

Major media outlets disseminated the video of the confrontation, displaying Nick Sandmann as aggressive and violent. However, later videos showed that media companies left out important details of the incident. Also, the incident caught the attention of then-President Trump, who stated that the media falsely portrayed Sandmann.

The Sandmann family and the Covington Catholic School students suffered threats a year after the inaccurately presented incident in the video. The school temporarily closed because they feared for their students' safety.

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The source of Nick Sandmann’s net worth

After the incident, Nick and his parents filed a total of 13 defamation and emotional distress lawsuits against the media outliers that distributed the video.

Sandmann and his family filed $250 million defamation lawsuits against CNN [2]and the Washington News in 2019. Both lawsuits were settled in 2020 [3] . Additionally, they filed a suit against NBC Universal for $275 million, which was settled in 2021.

The settlement terms and amounts were not disclosed publicly. However, the main source of his net worth comes from the settlement money he received after the defamation suits against CNN and Washington News.

Other lawsuits

Nick Sandmann additionally filed defamation lawsuits against other big media outlets [4] , including CBS News, NBC Universal Media, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC News, and Gannett. However, all of them were dismissed by the federal judge because they were "objectively unverifiable and thus unactionable opinions”, reports Business Insider.

Personal life

After the 2019 incident, Nick Sandmann decided to withdraw from the public and lead a low-key life as much as possible.

Currently, Nick is a student at Transylvania University College and works part-time. He was invited to give a speech at the Republican National Convention, stating that the viral video event was a dream come true, as some sources state.

Nick is not married, but is in a long-term relationship with a former classmate, which some sources claim is Cate Evans, and some say it’s Julie.

Nick accused news channels of jumping to conclusions and disseminating false information without first checking their facts and withdrawing false claims.

Another similar viral video involved 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse clashing with a Native American, dubbing the teenager a “white supremacist”. Nick publicly encouraged Kyle to file a lawsuit against the media channels for spreading false information.

After Nick’s statement, the judge in Kyle’s case ruled that the news outlets should be held responsible for poor and irresponsible reporting on media trials.


Nick Sandmann’s net worth is estimated at $1 million in 2022. He hit the spotlight in 2019 when a video of him went viral. In the video, he is seen staring at a Native American demonstrator, Nathan Phillips, during a confrontation between two groups of rallies.

The media outlets falsely portrayed Sandmann as aggressive. Nick Sandmann and his family pressed charges against three news outlets that distributed the false information - CNN, Washington News and NBC Universal.

The suits were settled, and Sandman received settlement money, which sources claim is the major source of his net worth. The exact settlement amounts and terms were not publicly disclosed.


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