Net Worth Of Tina Knowles

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Net Worth $ 25,000,000
Real name Célestine Ann Beyonce
Source of Wealth Clothing brands owner, designer, hairdresser, and makeup artists
Profession Designer, makeup artist, and hairdresser
Spouse/Partner Richard Lawson
Date of Birth Jan 4, 1954
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 69
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 170 cm / 5 ft 6 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Lumis Joseph Beyonce and Melving Marsh Jr.

Tina Knowles, born on January 4, 1954, is an American designer, hairdresser, and makeup artist. She rose to fame with the help of her daughter, Beyonce, when designing costumes for her girl group, "Destiny’s Child.”

The net worth of Tina Knowles is $25 million.

Being Beyonce’s mother isn’t all she’s famous about. Tina has her clothing brands called “Ms. Tina Knowles” and “House Of Dereon,” sold both on a home website and at Walmart.

Early Life

Célestine Ann Beyonce, aka Tina Knowles, was born on January 4, 1954, in Galveston, Texas, and is the youngest of seven children.

In her early teenage years, she started showing interest in singing and performing, so in high school, she joined a singing group called The Veltones.

Not much is known about her progress in the music industry, but she did back out of the idea of being in a group and started working as a makeup artist at age 19.


Tina’s career began with her first job as a makeup artist at a Japanese cosmetics store called Shiseido, located in California. But she quickly returned to Galveston because her parents were sick.

In the following years, she moved to Alabama to work as an esthetician and finally earned money to open up her hair salon, Headliners, in Houston, Texas.

Her business was snowballing since Headliners was one of the most famous hair salons in the entire city.

When her daughter, Beyonce, started getting more recognition by being in the group Destiny's Child, Tina enrolled in costume design for the four girls.

She continued being a costume designer and a makeup artist for Destiny's Child when money was tough. Her most famous designs from the Destiny's Child era were the girls' costumes from the "Bootylicious” music video.

In an interview, Tina said it was not easy to design costumes for four teenage girls since people tend to over-sexualize women and young girls.

She tried to keep the costumes classy as much as possible but was also interesting enough to catch the public eye.

Before Beyonce’s celebrated emancipation in 2005, Tina used her talent and launched her clothing brand named "House Of Dereon," paying homage to her mother, Agnéz Dereon, and then another clothing line in 2010 called "Miss Tina by Tina Knowles."

The clothing line was only purchasable on the official website, but a year after it was released, Tina signed a contract with Walmart for her clothing to be available in their stores.

Personal Life

Tina Knowles met her now ex-husband and Queen B's dad back in the mid-1970s at a house party, but they didn't start dating just yet; that came a year later. In late 1980, they married in a Catholic church; a year after that, they had Beyonce.

The start of her marriage with Mathew was very rocky. Just after they got married, things started going downhill. Knowles’ mother died in 1980, and her dad died two years later.

Tina found out that both her parents were sick and in critical condition, and Mathew went to see his dying grandfather.

With all that chaos going on in only one year, the newlyweds didn’t see each other at all. Mathew started traveling for work, and Tina was busy with her hair salon, where she worked day and night to make more money.

At that time, Mathew had a comfortable budget and money, as well as Tina herself, so they lived comfortably in a two-income home. In 1986, another baby was born in the Knowles family, and that baby was named Solange Knowles.

Mathew and Tina were barely a couple at this point. They didn’t see each other at all, and on the rare occasions they did, they had nothing to talk about. Tina started getting bored and started enrolling her daughter, Beyonce, in talent shows.

Beyonce won almost any talent show her mother enrolled her in. Tina made a decent penny out of her daughter’s talent at a young age. But that still didn’t fill the void in her heart. Obviously, her marriage has to end someday and can not be postponed anymore.

The couple was separated and living completely different lives for a long time before they finally divorced in 2011, and 4 years later, she married actor Richard Lawson and became the stepmother of actress Bianca Lawson.


Tina’s Dark Past

Being talked about comes with the territory of being in the public eye. It is rumored that Tina had a dark past long before all the fame. Because her parents were poor and had many children, Tina had to make money the hard way.

Before she met and married Mathew Knowles, Tina was allegedly an escort and a prostitute to pay her way into cosmetology school. Mathew was a loyal paying customer before he put a ring on it. Some say that’s how the couple met.

Age Appropriate

This family always knows how to keep up the squeaky image clean when there are many holes in their stories.

What lots of people don’t know is that Beyonce was not born in 1980. In fact, she was born in 1974, way before Mathew and Tina got married. So, why would anybody lie about the year they were born?

Back in the day, many performers would lie about their age to seem much younger for marketing purposes.

The managers of Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson also lied about the kids’ ages, but the rumor about why Tina lied about her daughter’s age is to seem like Solange is her grandchild.

Rumor has it that when she was very young, Beyonce got accidentally pregnant and didn’t want to lose the child, so her mom helped her keep her baby and her image.

Things You Didn’t Know About Tina Knowles

She Wrote A Book

After Destiny’s Child split up, Tina Knowles wrote a book called Destiny's Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Secrets From Destiny's Child” where she talked about working backstage in costume design for the girls.

She Always Wanted Her Kids To Have A Strong Work Ethic

Since Beyonce and Solange were children, Tina and Mathew tried to get their kids to have a strong work ethic.

When Beyonce was in Destiny’s Child, she rarely had time to go out with her friends because she had various preparations and vocal warm-ups at home.

She Let Kelly Rowland Live With Her Family

Kelly Rowland is another famous former “Destiny’s Child” member. She and Beyonce practically grew up together, and at one point, Kelly Rowland was living with the Knowles family.


Tina Knowles is a costume designer, fashion icon, makeup artist, and former band member, but she’s most famous for being Beyonce’s mother. Her net worth is $25 million.