MrBeast Net Worth

Net Worth $ 100,000,000
Real name Jimmy Donaldson
Source of Wealth YouTube
Profession YouTuber, Philanthropist, and Businessman
Spouse/Partner Thea Booysen
Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Zodiac Taurus
Age 25
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 189 cm / 6 ft 2 inch
Nationality American
Siblings 1 brother (Charles J.Donaldson)

MrBeast’s net worth is estimated at 110 million as of 2023 💵

Biography and early life

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, was born in Kansas, USA; however, most of his childhood years were spent in Greenville, North Carolina. Sources claim that his older brother raised him, and there is no other record of his parents' identities.

Jimmy went to the Greenville Christian Academy, a private high school in his region. He enrolled at East Carolina University but never finished it.

Growing up as a Gen Z, he was influenced by YouTube for most of his childhood years, making him want to become a YouTuber. Also, he had a big love for being in front of the camera, filming himself.

How he got into YouTube

Jimmy started sharing videos on YouTube when he was just thirteen years old, in 2012, without any intentions or beliefs that he would make a fortune and career from it.

At first, he went under the username MrBeast6000, and the content he posted in his early YouTube days was mainly videos with an estimation of the wealth of other successful YouTubers.

Also, his early content includes videos focused on video games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Black Ops II. They are Let’s Play videos[1]where he documented the playthrough of a game he played.

Later, in 2015 and 2016, he passively gained popularity with his video series ‘Worst intros on YouTube.’

The road to becoming a successful YouTuber

Things got serious for MrBeast in 2017 when Jimmy became viral with his video where he counted to 100,000. That video was an instant hit and received thousands of views per day from the day it was shared. Now, in 2023, six years after it was shared, it has over 27 million views.

After that video, MrBeast explored different content styles and found his now ‘niche,’ making videos that include fun challenges, and giving large sums of money to those who win.

In addition to those challenges, he also gives thousands of dollars as donations, something no YouTuber has done before.

His career with this took off quickly, so he had to hire someone to help him with these challenges, filming them, gathering more people to be involved, etc. So, he entrusted this job to his best friends, who helped him grow his brand.

Now, MrBeast is a brand and company of around 30 people.

Besides the MrBeast channel on YouTube, Jimmy also has other channels, ‘Beast Reacts,’ ‘MrBeast Gaming,’ ‘MrBeast 2’, and ‘Beast Philanthropy.

Becoming the biggest philanthropist on YouTube

From being just a YouTube star, Jimmy grew into the most prominent YouTube philanthropist of our time. It all started in 2019 when he organized a fundraising challenge called ‘TeamTrees’ and succeeded in raising over $20 million.

The money went to the ‘Arbor Day Foundation’ to plant one tree for every dollar that was donated. The project went global and received significant donations from notable people such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Tobias Lutke, etc.

MrBeast philanthropy ideas continued in 2020 when the ‘Beast Philanthropy’ YouTube channel was created. The idea was that all channel’s earnings would go to charity and food.

In 2021, Jimmy organized another philanthropic challenge called ‘TeamSeas’ to raise over $30 million for the Ocean Conservatory and the Ocean Cleanup.[2]

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Things you don’t know about MrBeast

  • He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when in high school.
  • He dropped out of college to pursue a career as a YouTuber.
  • MrBeast was one of the ten highest-paid YouTubers in 2020.
  • In his early YouTube years, his parents did not support him, and his mother kicked him out of their family home because of that.
  • In 2022, MrBeast launched a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger, selling franchise rights to serve burgers in America, where customers can order the burgers online through delivery service.[3]
  • In 2019, MrBeast won an award at the 9th Streamy Award for being a ‘Breakout Creator’ and received a 12th Annual Shorty Award for ‘YouTuber of the Year’.
  • In 2020, MrBeast received awards at the 10th Streamy Awards ceremony in the categories ‘Creator of the Year’, ‘Live Special,’ ‘Social Good: Creator’, and ‘Social God: Nonprofit or NGO.
  • In 2021, he received an award at the 11th Streamy Awards, again as being ‘Creator of the Year.’
  • In 2022, MrBeast received awards at the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards as ‘Favorite Male Creator,’ ‘Creator of the Year,’ ‘Social Good: Creator,’ and ‘Brand Engagement.’

Most famous for

Many sources claim that MrBeast is most famous for his video ‘Counting to 100,000’; however, there are many other videos that he is also very famous for.

He has also gained massive fame for his videos, where he gives lots of money to people for random challenges and tasks, and charities.

In addition to those arduous challenges, MrBeast is known as someone who has given over $1 million through his stunts, making him the biggest YouTube philanthropist.

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Love relationships

Jimmy is in a relationship with Thea Booysen, a gaming streamer and author.

Before her, he dated Maddy Spidell, an Instagram influencer.


Does MrBeast have a kid?

As of now, there is no official record that MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) has any kids.

How much money does MrBeast make a year?

Allegedly, MrBeast makes over $30 million per year.


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