Mikey Williams Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 5,000,000
Real name Mikey George Williams
Source of Wealth Basketball Player
Profession Basketball Player/Student
Spouse/Partner /
Date of Birth Jun 26, 2004
Zodiac Cancer
Age 18
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 191 cm / 6 ft 3 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Skye Williams and Marvin Williams


Mikey Williams, born on June 26, 2004, in San Diego, California, is an American high school basketball player who rose to fame at fourteen.

Now at 18, he plays basketball alongside his very close friend, Lebron James’s son, Bronnie, and has millions of followers on social media. Mikey Williams’ net worth is around $5 million.

Early Life

Since Mikey is still very young, there is so much information about him online and his early beginnings. He has played basketball ever since he was a toddler, and he became very good at it with the help of his mother, Charisse Williams, who was also an athlete throughout high school and college.

She was a softball player, but that didn’t stop her from teaching her son how to dunk and play basketball with him while Mikey’s dad was in prison.

Mahlon Williams, Mikey’s dad, is an ex-basketball player turned basketball coach at a local high school. He was one of California’s best high school players and even put his team through the South Bay semi-finals.

Just before finishing high school, Mahlon collected a total of 1,932 points, but he didn’t want to continue his career as a basketball player.

Instead, he enrolled at National University, where he got his degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology and Human Behaviour. After Mahlon got out of prison, he trained his son to perfection outside their apartment complex.

When Mikey was in elementary school, he often got into fights and arguments with bullies. Still, basketball has always calmed him down, so he decided to focus on his future career instead.

Mikey worked really hard, trying to improve in any way or shape possible. That’s why he applied to be a ball boy at San Ysidro High School.

If you ask me, this is quite impressive since he was too young to have such a strong work ethic. When he was only in the 6th grade, he was chosen to play his first game dunk with the Saint Diego Sharks, and in 7th grade, he was ranked the best player in the class of 2023 in the National Youth All-American Report [1] and is considered to be the future of the NBA.

By the time he was in eighth grade, Mikey was already playing for North Coast Blue Chips AAU alongside Lebron James’s son, Bronnie James. That’s where he first got recognition and caught the eye of none other than Lebron James himself.

High School Career

  • During his freshman year, Mikey enrolled in San Ysidro High School in San Diego, where he played many games for their team and even helped them win many prizes, including the CIF-SDS Division III title, and was named “Freshman Of The Year.”
  • In his sophomore year, Mikey wanted to raise the stakes a little bit and play for another high school team, so he switched high schools and started Lake Norman Christian School in North Carolina but promised that he would return to San Ysidro High School for his freshman year.

Personal Life

Mikey Williams is a kid who tries so hard to enlighten his future and secure his spot in the NBA. So, you already know that he’s not going out partying with his friends. Instead, he spends his time playing basketball and going to the gym.

In his rare free time, he enjoys fishing with his uncle as a way to blow off some steam and collects sneakers. He has over a hundred pairs of sneakers in his drawers.

Mikey is not an only child. He has two siblings, a younger sister named Skye Williams(15), and a younger brother named Marvin Williams. Williams’ sister, Skye, followed in her mom’s footsteps and became a softball player.

The youngest of the Williams family, fourteen-year-old Marvin is also an athlete and plays basketball for his school.

Mikey Williams Facts

Basketball Wasn’t His First Choice

Mikey’s first choice of sport wasn’t actually basketball. He wanted to follow in his parent’s footsteps by being an athlete, but he was really leaning towards soccer.

He Has A Big Collection Of Sneakers

At only fourteen, Mikey already had a huge collection of rare and expensive sneakers. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire that he will be signing a contract with Puma since he already promotes their brand so much.

The eighteen-year-old champion has turned heads ever since he was in elementary school. But starting high school is when he reached the peak of his career and gained many followers and fans.

After every game that Mikey plays, there are huge lines of fans waiting to get a picture and an autograph of this rising star.

He Played Against Bronnie James

Before Mikey and Bronnie became teammates and really close friends, both players played against each other.

You could see the tension on the field when these two rivals were playing. It even got a little heated but got resolved quickly.


Mikey Williams is an American student and high school basketball player. He rose to fame by being very determined and focused on doing what he loved, playing basketball.

He started his journey playing basketball for San Ysidro High School in San Diego, but later, he moved to North Carolina, where he played for Lake Norman Christian School. Mikey Williams’ net worth is $5 million.


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