Mike Majlak Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 1,500,000
Real name Mike Majlak
Source of Wealth Social Media Influencer
Profession Influencer, Podcaster, Marketing Manager
Spouse/Partner /
Date of Birth Jan 13, 1985
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 38
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 188 cm / 6 ft 2 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Sisters Abby and Jillian

Mike Majlak Net Worth

Biography And Early Life

Mike was born on January 13, 1985, in Milford, Connecticut. He grew up with his mother, Robin Majlak, father, a marketing manager and basketball coach whose name is tough to find on the internet, and his siblings, a twin sister, named Abby and another one named Jill.

His mother and father divorced when Mike was only fifteen, and his father grew distant from the family.

Mike’s Addiction To Drugs At A Young Age

Majlak describes his early life as tragic and catastrophic. Growing up, Mike had various health issues that needed medical interventions. When he was sixteen years old, Mike broke his femur and needed painkillers to numb his pain.

Soon enough, Majlak started getting addicted to pain meds, typically one of the most potent medical drugs, Oxycontin [1] .

Before he got addicted to it, Mike had a few other operations that required him to take oxycontin regularly, but he never reached for it himself.

In a recent podcast episode, Mike explained that he wasn’t really addicted to the drug when he was doing these operations but admitted that it felt really good for something to numb the pain.

When he was seventeen and in a much better condition, Mike tried a 20-milligram of oxycontin of his own free will on the streets, and that’s where his addiction roared.

By the time of his senior year of high school, he was already a hardcore drug addict who was doing lots of other types of drugs like Xanax [2] and all sorts of amphetamines [3] . But, sadly, this wasn’t even the worst part of Mike’s life.

Furthermore, things started getting even worse for Majlak when someone he knew from the streets offered him crack cocaine, and he took it. As you can already assume, Mike quickly got addicted to that too.

In this phase of his life as a heavy drug addict, Mike hurt many people, including the ones he loved most. His maternal grandfather developed Parkinson's disease [4] , and since his mother worked so many hours to make more money and pay his hospital bills, Mike was the designated nurse who was supposed to take care of him.

But, giving an important task to a heavy drug user is a catastrophe in the making, so Majlak was too busy smoking his pipe of crack cocaine instead of looking out for his grandfather.

Being Kicked Out Of His Home

As a heavy drug user, Mike hurt the people he loved the most, stole from them to buy drugs, lied to them, got easily frustrated at them, etc.

Mike’s family couldn’t support him any longer, so he went out in the world all by himself, sleeping in car trunks, on the streets, and maybe if he was lucky that day, he could stay at a friend's house for a concise amount of time.

From Using Drugs To Selling Them

Even in high school, Mike said he couldn’t keep up with the rest of his peers. He was profusely sweating from the withdrawal of the oxies, and simply just wasn’t interested in finishing his classes. He only cared about supporting his addiction.

So, now that he was homeless and all alone, the only way he could have his cake and eat it too was to sell drugs himself. At this point in his life, Mike was alone and suffering from anxiety and battling depression.

Getting His Life Sorted Out

In 2010, after eight long years of heavy drug use, Mike finally had the courage and the will to get his life back into his hands and get sober.

That meant he needed to get clean as soon as possible, so he went to a rehabilitation center. With a lot of help from his family and friends, Mike finally started to get better.

In the rehab center, he said that he had a lot of time to reflect on his life, tried to restore his relationships with his mother and sisters, and read many books.

Turning A New Leaf

By the time he turned twenty-six, Mike had already had his life planned out. He didn’t have time to waste since he had already destroyed most of his teenage years and early twenties using drugs.

With no experience and practice, Mike figured out that walking dogs was the best way to earn money. He quickly moved to work at a dog camp, where he walked, fed, and played with the dogs. Mike also simultaneously worked as a freelancer at Patch.com.

The Fast Progress In Mike’s Career

  • In 2012, Mike discovered that he had a good eye for photography, so he started his photography studio, “Mike Majlak Photography,” where he worked as an event photographer and a dog walker on the side.
  • In 2013, Mike’s studio finally made enough profit to quit his side job and concentrate on photography. The money he made was spent on buying professional equipment for his photography studio, where he worked till 2015.
  • The year 2013 was a very eventful year for Mike. Aside from working as a photographer and a dog walker, he also started his blog called “The Essential Foodie.”
  • His career breakthrough was in 2015 when he started working as a marketing manager at a furniture store called “LoveSac.”

How Life Got Better For Mike In A Heartbeat

While working as a marketing specialist at “LoveSac,” a famous and controversial YouTuber, Logan Paul. He and Mike quickly became very close friends, and Mike started working and co-hosting Logan’s podcast “Impaulsive.”

In 2020, Mike finally got the courage and the finances to tell his life story through a book he wrote. In this autobiography, "The Fifth Vital,” Mike exposes his struggles and how he got better.


Mike Majlak is an American podcaster and Internet influencer who became famous after becoming friends with the internet sensation Logan Paul. Mike Majlak’s net worth is $1.5 million.


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