Mikayla Nogueira Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 3,000,000
Real name Mikayla Jane Nogueira
Source of Wealth TikTok, Instagram & brand endorsements
Profession Social media Influencers
Spouse/Partner Coby
Date of Birth Jun 13, 1998
Zodiac Gemini
Age 24
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 165 cm / 5 ft 4 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Nathan Nogueira

Mikayla’s net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2022 💵

Biography and early life

Mikayla Nogueira is an American social media influencer born in Massachusetts, East Freetown, USA. She is the daughter of parents Patrice, her mother, an artist, and her father, Michael Nogueira, an elementary school counselor. Growing up, she didn’t worry about finances and lived well-settled.

From a very early age, she was interested in makeup, fashion, and beauty and would watch numerous YouTube videos from that industry.


She went to Bowman Elementary School and graduated from Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island, with a bachelor's degree in communications.

What did Mikayla do before being an influencer?

Mikayla’s career beginnings are in the radio, where she started as an intern at a radio station. But that happened amid the pandemic in 2020, and she had to drop out of it.

Career as an influencer

Mikayla started her career in social media in 2013 when she created her Instagram account, and it was all about makeup and beauty tutorials. It all began as a hobby, sharing reviews about beauty and makeup products and filming herself while doing her makeup, which later became a full-time career.

In an interview with Vogue magazine[1] , she said that her story with makeup had a somewhat awkward start and happened when she was bullied for her physical appearance, voice, and weight.

Career on TikTok

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Mikayla started her TikTok channel. She started it after her mother suggested that she should do it because she would be very good at it.

With her TikTok channel, Mikayla had huge success, and it even brought her to be featured in notable publications such as Allure and The Boston Globe.

In 2020, Mikayla received an award for being the American Influencer for Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year.[2]

Before 2020, she worked for Ulta Beauty as a beauty advisor, which influenced he to make her makeup brand, 'Mikayla J Makeup'.


Apart from this, Mikayla has endorsed many brands, promoted their products, and got good money from them.

Most famous for

American social media influencer and makeup brand owner at 24 years, Mikayla, is most famous for her reviews of various products on her social media accounts.

Also, she became very popular through her TikTok channel and makeup brand Mikayla J. Nogueira, where she gained around 14,6 million followers in less than two years.

Being criticized for her “Boston” accent

Over the years, Mikayla has been bullied and criticized for her “Boston accent,” which many claim is fake since she didn’t talk like that before she became so popular.

In an interview with Yahoo! Live, she opened up about her accent on TikTok’s ‘For You’ Podcast, explaining the whole thing about her voice[3]and the assumptions about it being fake. She said that her getting a communications degree influenced her to create a voice that she would use on the radio, so she used it when she first started making her TikTok videos.

Personal life and struggles

Even though most fans think Mikayla is all peaches in her life, she had some hard struggles with her mental health. She also includes her eating disorder in those struggles, and she speaks openly about this in one of her three-minute TikTok videos[4] , saying:

“I, unfortunately, am struggling really badly with my mental health. I’m in one of the worst mental states I’ve ever been in a really long time. Thankfully, today I’m having a good day. But my eating disorder is out of control,”.

Currently, Mikayla is engaged to her boyfriend, Cody. Besides that, she always chose to keep her private life out of the public eye.




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