Melissa Rivers Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 100,000,000
Real name Melissa Warburg Rosenberg
Source of Wealth Inheritance from her late mother, Acting career, Producing
Profession Actress, Comedian, Producer, Writer
Date of Birth Jan 20, 1968
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 55
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 165 cm / 5 ft 4 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Mark Rousso


Melissa Warburg Rosenberg was born on January 20, 1968, in Manhattan, New York. She is the only child of a famous legend and fashion mogul, Ms. Joan Rivers[1] , and film and television producer, Edgar Rosenberg.[2]

Even though she was born in New York, given her parents' jobs, Melissa spent most of her early life and childhood in Los Angeles, California. She is of Jewish-Russian descent on her mother's side and German-Jewish on her father's side.

From a young age, Melissa wanted to follow in her parent's footsteps and meddle in the entertainment industry and started taking dance lessons at eight.

At only ten years old, Melissa made a debut in a comedy movie called "Rabbit Test," written and directed by her mother, Joan.

Early Life

Melissa and her mother were always very close to each other, but the thing that made them even closer was when Edgar, Joan's husband, and Melissa's father, committed suicide by overdosing on a lot of prescribed pills.

Melissa was only eighteen when her father committed suicide, so it naturally came as a big shock to her and changed her life.

Joan and her daughter became so close after the massive loss of the most significant man in their life that Melissa even changed her surname to her mother's and became Melissa Rivers.

Despite the terrible year she's had, Melissa picked herself up with the help of her mother and continued her studies at the University Of Pennsylvania, earning her Bachelor Of Arts in European History.

After earning her degree and finishing her degree in 1989, Melissa actively pursued acting and dove into the entertainment business. Thanks to her mother and many connections in Hollywood, Melissa had one of the best actors in the industry, Sanford Meisner [3] , as her teacher and mentor.


  • Melissa guest-starred in episode 15 of the popular series at that time called “Beverly Hills 90210”. The episode aired on February 2, 1991.
  • In 1991, Melissa also appeared in the crime drama "Silk Stalkings." and the comedy-drama "The Comeback."
  • In 1998, Rivers appeared in the comedy movie “Men In White.” Following that, she appeared in another comedy called “The Big Tease,” starring Craig Ferguson.
  • One of her most significant roles was when she starred in her and her mother's comedy docu-series called "Tears and Laughter: The Joan And Melissa Story." Both of these actresses played themselves in the docu-series, where they told their side of the story about Edgar's suicide and what they had to endure during that horrifying time of their lives.
  • After her mother's passing in 2014, Melissa wrote a book in her mother's name called "The Book Of Joan."

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Private Life

Melissa's first marriage was in 1998, when she married a famous horse trainer named John Endicott. The pair had an incredible $3 million wedding with thousands of guests.

In 2000, the couple welcomed their son Edgar Cooper Endicott and divorced nearly three years later.

After the divorce, Melissa didn't want another failed marriage, so she didn't want to get married again.

She had a serious relationship from 2008-2011 with sports coach Jason Zimmerman. She is currently in a relationship with a talent agent, Mark Rousso. The couple has been dating since 2015.

How The Death Of Her Mother Changed Melissa's Life

On September 4, 2014, Joan Rivers tragically passed away while doing a simple procedure to treat voice changes and acid refluxes. Her cause of death was brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

In many interviews, Melissa says she still hasn't forgiven the doctors for shortening her mother's life and that this could have been completely avoided. In 2015, she went head to head with the doctor who performed Joan's fatal surgery.

Melissa sued the doctor for incompetency, medical mismanagement, trauma, and outrageous behavior. Both parties came to an undisclosed agreement in 2016.

She also says that the surgical procedure was minor and she shouldn't have suffered any significant complications. Either way, this mishap could have been completely avoided if the doctors had paid more attention.

Losing her parents in such a tragic way, Mellissa was heartbroken, shocked, and absolutely in grief, especially because her mother was, first and foremost, her best friend.

Edgar, Melissa's son, also had a tough time with the loss of his grandmother, Joan. Melissa talks about Edgar and Joan's unique relationship, saying they had a bond like no other.

Melissa Becomes An Heiress

Being the only daughter of one of the biggest fashion icons and comedians in the world, Melissa inherited most of her mother's assets, including her $35 million apartment in Manhattan, vintage clothes that are worth millions of dollars, her jewelry collection, and whopping $75 million in cash.

Not knowing what to do with all the designer costumes, jewelry, and other minor assets, Melissa auctioned over 200 pieces online, and others were donated to charities. The vintage costumes were of famous designers like Cartier, Oscar De La Renta, Versace, etc.

Despite inheriting more than enough money and assets to last her a lifetime, Melissa followed in her late mother's footsteps and became the executive producer of E's Fashion Police, which Joan was the star of.


Melissa Rivers is the daughter of the famous Joan Rivers. After the tragic passing of her mother, Joan, Melissa became the sole heiress of her mother's riches, making her net worth $150 million.

Aside from being set for life with her mother's assets, Melissa continues to excel in her career. She is a published author, actress, comedian, producer, and Tv host.


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