Lindsey Jacobellis Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 2,000,000
Real name Lindsey Jacobellis
Source of Wealth Snowboarding
Profession Snowboarder
Date of Birth Aug 19, 1985
Zodiac Leo
Age 37
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 159 cm / 5 ft 2 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Ben Jacobellis


Lindsey Jacobellis is an American snowboarding athlete who has won one Olympic gold medal, six world championships, 10 X Games gold medals, and six world titles.[1]

After winning the World Cup in Germany, she was crowned the winningest snowboarder in history with 31 victories.[2]

Additionally, she is an inspirational leader and mentor for SuperGirl Snow Pro and a member of the US Snowboardcross Team.

Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Growing up, falling in love with skiing and a significant turning point

Lindsey Jacobellis was born August 19, 1985, in Danbury, Connecticut, U.S., to Ben and Anita Jacobellis. She has one older brother named Ben, who is a professional snowboarder like her.[3]

When Lindsey was a child, she played multiple sports independently and with her family. During summer, she and Ben would practice different physical activities, and Lindsey would go skiing with her mom, dad, and brother during winter.

Her father was a huge fan of skiing, so he taught Lindsey how to maintain balance and ski properly when she was very young.

However, one particular winter, during their snowy festivities, her brother decided to rent a snowboard. Seeing how much fun he had with it motivated Lindsey to try it herself.

Winter sports being a family thing, Lindsey's father jumped on the snowboard as well and, together with Lindsey, enrolled in snowboarding lessons. She was only eleven years old when she switched from skiing to snowboarding. Later, her mom joined the party and started snowboarding with the rest of the family.[4]

Lindsey enjoyed skiing and snowboarding until a tragedy struck her home. Her family house burnt, and all sports equipment was gone. Her parents couldn’t afford both skis and a snowboard, so she had to choose between the two, and Lindsey chose the snowboard.

This decision was a life-defining moment for her.

Explore the career and net worth of Lindsey Jacobellis.

College, competitions, and winnings

Being an athlete-prone kid, Lindsey enrolled in Vermont's Stratton Mountain School, a college that focuses on training winter athletes.

She was the only girl racing in snowboard cross and competed with the boys.

She started competing in 2001, and since then, Lindsey has won the World Championship six times, 1 Olympic Gold Medal, 1 Olympic Silver Medal, 11 World Cup Medals, and 10 X Game Gold Medals. [6]

Lindsey made her Olympic debut in 2006 and won a bronze medal in slopestyle.

Two years later, in 2008, she won a gold medal in snowboard cross at Winter X Games XII and maintained the champion's position for the next three years.

Prior to all this, in 2005, she won the World Snowboarding Championship in Whistler, and in 2007 she won another Gold Medal in the World Snowboarding Championship in Arosa.

In 2022 Lindsey won her first Olympic Gold Medal. Before she managed to secure a high place on the competitors' chart, however, it wasn’t good enough for the skilled and acclaimed snowboarder.

Besides winning a gold medal, Lindsey also became the oldest snowboarder to win an award at the Olympics and the oldest American woman to win gold in any winter sport.[7]


Lindsey Jacobellis is an American snowboarding athlete.

One of her career highlights is winning a Gold Medal at the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.


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