John Wayne Gacy Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 1,900,000
Real name John Wayne Gacy
Source of Wealth Manager at KFC, salesman, painter
Profession Salesman, manager
Spouse/Partner Marlynn Myers and Carole Hoff
Date of Birth Mar 17, 1942
Zodiac Pisces
Age 81
Died Mar 10, 1994
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 175 cm / 5 ft 8 inch
Nationality American/Polish
Siblings One Sister

John Wayne Gacy is one of the most notorious American serial killers who assaulted and murdered at least 33 young boys.

Biography And Early Life

John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, to his parents, John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robison.

Before becoming one of the world's evilest and most hated people, Gacy was only an unprotected child, left at the mercy of his father, John Stanley Gacy, who often reprimanded him.

Aside from his abusive father, Gacy had two younger sisters and a mother he loved and respected dearly. He spent most of the days at home with his mother and sisters, waiting for his father to come home drunk and meet his fate.

Stanley Gacy often belittled his son, calling him sissy, mama's boy, and queer. His mother tried defending him, but that would often result in more abuse towards him and her.

When he was only seven years old, Gacy was caught sexually harassing and fondling a young girl with another boy his age. When his father found out, he went off on him and beat him with a leather blade.

Aside from suffering beatings and abuse from his father at home, John Wayne Gacy was also sexually assaulted by a family friend but never told anyone in his family for fear that his father would beat him.

To add more to the basket, John Wayne Gacy was conditioned to avoid all sports activities, including running and playing with his peers at school, because of a heart problem.

To make things harder, Gacy was often mocked for his weight and peculiar looks at school, which made his father even angrier at him.

Career and Education

When he got around sixteen, Gacy became much stronger and more obese than his father because of his heart condition and inability to work out, so the physical abuse stopped.

Gacy's father was very disappointed by these changes, so he found new ways to torture his poor son. When John got his first job, his father bought his son the car he needed to get to and from work.

Even though buying his son a car isn't necessarily the worst thing John Stanley did to him, there was a trick behind all that.

John Stanley bought the car, but he expected his son to pay him monthly until the vehicle was completely paid off.

When John couldn't deliver the monthly payment to his father, John Stanley would take away his keys and even break essential parts of the car so Gacy couldn't get to work on time. Of course, John Wayne Gacy was fired a few months later because of his inconsistency.

Wanting to escape from his father as fast as possible, Gacy ran to Las Vegas at eighteen to work as a mortuary assistant, where he would live amongst the dead bodies on a mattress.

This is the time of his life when Gacy realizes that he is so different from others.

There was something so comforting to him about a dead body that he once laid layed in the coffin with the embalmed corpse of a recently deceased teenage boy.

In a state of shock, he jumped out of the coffin when he realized how disturbed the thing that he was doing was. The next day, John called his mother and begged her to come back to Chicago and move back in with her and his father.

After moving back in with his parents, he enrolled in a business school where he did a remarkable job and got his diploma at twenty-one. After getting his diploma, Gacy got a job as a shoe salesman in Springfield, Illinois, where he met his first wife.

Personal Life

Shortly after moving to Springfield, Gacy slowly started getting his life together. He became a valued member of a Springfield community called "The Jaycees," where he did voluntary work for the sake of the whole community.

He then met Marlynn Myers, a bright, beautiful girl who was also a respected member of the Springfield community. Gacy didn't waste much time asking Marlynn out on a date, and they quickly started dating.

It seemed like things started going great for 22-year-old Gacy. He had a fantastic girlfriend, a well-payed job, and friends in and out of his community, and he was finally free to be himself.

Being himself turned out to be fatal for many young men in the community, but not just yet. Aside from his lovely lady, Gacy felt he had the freedom to explore his sexuality.

He always knew he was sexually attracted to men, but growing up with a homophobic father, he had to bury that side of himself. Even when the police caught him, John Wayne Gacy was known as a "homophobic homosexual."

He cheated on his girlfriend with a male friend of the Jaycees community, and that's where he got confused all over again. Gacy knew that he was only attracted to men, but he didn't want to ruin his relationship with Marlynn, mainly because her father was very wealthy.

He decided to propose to his girlfriend, and they were married six months later. Marlynn's dad gifted the newlyweds three KFC restaurants that he bought in Waterloo, Iowa and Gacy became the manager of all three of them.

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The Turning Point

Having a stable life didn't quite satisfy John. He returned to that point of his life when he had his first homosexual experience, so you best believe that he wanted to try it again.

There was an empty basement at one of these KFC restaurants, and Gacy would call it "The Club." He would invite only young male workers to this so-called club, where he would get the boys drunk and try to make sexual advances at them.

Being drunk and very young and inexperienced, these boys would often comply with their authority figure, John, but some would protest. Gacy had an answer all ready for when a boy refused to be a part of this wicked game of his.

Gacy would say this was only a test to see if they were good employees, and the boys passed it with flying colors. Gacy went on to have two children with his wife, Michael and Christine Gacy, and even got an apology and a handshake from his father when he paid him a visit in Springfield. Still, unfortunately, that wasn't good enough for John after years of abuse.

The Gruesome Crimes Of John Wayne Gacy

  • In 1967, Gacy sexually assaulted the son of a fellow community member of the Jaycees and proceeded to tell the fifteen-year-old boy, "You must have sex with a man before you do it with a woman."[1]
  • Later, he kept on finding vulnerable children to pursue and making them think that it's okay to have sexual relations with a man, no matter if that's their sexuality or not. He paid the poor children $50 for their services and silence.
  • In September 1968, Gacy was reported to the police for the assault of the young son of his fellow Jaycee member. He tried to deny the allegations, saying that the kid was the one that pursued him, but the judge quickly ruled that out.
  • Gacy spent an embarrassingly little time in prison, immediately gaining popularity and becoming loved by everybody.
  • In June 1970, Gacy was freed by moving back to Chicago with his mother and being home by 10 pm.
  • The very next year, he became engaged to his second wife, Carole Hoff.
  • In 1972 Gacy committed his first known murder. He assaulted and murdered sixteen-year-old Timothy McCoy. He buried the child under his house.
  • The second murder happened in 1974, and it was an unknown victim who was also a child. From there forward, the killings started frequently happening till 1978.

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The Final Chapter

Finally, on December 21, 1978, Gacy was arrested under the suspicion of selling marijuana to a child, and when he was brought to the police station, things unraveled. Gacy was given a double dose of "truth serum" []and verbally confessed to killing at least 25 children.

By the end of December, 29 bodies and remains of children were found under Gacy's deck. He claimed that those were the bodies he kept and the others in the Des Plaines River.

John Wayne Gacy was found guilty on all charges even though he tried to plead not guilty and was sentenced to death.

On May 10, 1994, Gacy was executed by lethal injection, weirdly, on the same day that Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized in prison.

People are saying that that was a very dark day. There was a solar eclipse on the day that Gacy was killed [2] .

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John Wayne Gacy was and remains to be one of the scariest, most notorious serial killers that have ever lived. He lured young men and boys while he was dressed as a clown and under the narrative that he was about to show them some rope tricks.

After escaping captivity for many years, Gacy was finally caught in 1978 and sent to the Stateville Correctional Center, where he would eventually be killed by lethal injection.

He buried most of his victims under the dock of his house or let them float in the Des Plaines River. Gacy had an estimated net worth of $1.9 million.


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