Jimmy Hart Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 5,500,000
Real name James Ray Hart
Source of Wealth Career as professional wrestling manager, composer, executive and musician
Profession Professional wrestling manager, composer, musician, booker and promoter
Spouse/Partner Married to Michelle Lamerely
Date of Birth Jan 1, 1944
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 79
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 178 cm / 5 ft 10 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Unknown


James Ray "Jimmy" Hart is a professional wrestling manager, composer, musician, and promoter from the United States. He is nicknamed "The Mouth of the South" and came into the limelight for his engagement with the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and World Championship Wrestling. [1]

Jimmy Hart has managed multiple famous professional wrestlers, including his close friend, Hulk Hogan, Jim Neidhart, Bret Hart, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, and many others. He was also a member of the 1960s rock band The Gentrys.

Hart’s net worth is estimated at $5.5 million, accumulated during his professional wrestling manager and music career.

Early life and career beginnings


Jimmy Hart was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but moved to Memphis later. He went to Memphis Treadwell High School. This is where he met Jerry "The King" Lawler, color commentator and professional wrestler, who got him into the professional wrestling world.

Jimmy later became Jerry Lawler’s manager, which marked the beginning of Hart’s professional wrestling manager career. When he and Lawler fell apart, Hart created his own stable (a group of wrestlers who have a common manager or storyline[2] ), “First Family of Wrestling,” featuring wrestling pros Hulk Hogan, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Ox Baker, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, and others.

World Wrestling Federation career

In 1985, Jimmy’s friend James Morris “Hillbilly Jim,” introduced him to the WWF’s (World Wrestling Federation, now WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment) owner Vince McMahon, who asked Hart to work for the WWF.

Here he got the nickname "The Mouth of the South" because of his voluble manner of speaking, which was emphasized by his signature megaphone he used to encourage his wrestlers and annoy the opponents, and his colorful jackets.

Hart’s first protégé in the WWF was Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, whom he managed at WrestleMania.

Apart from male wrestlers, Jimmy also managed champions Judy Martin and Leilani Kai - WWF Women's Tag Team, also known as “The Glamour Girls.”

In 1987 and 1994, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named Jimmy the “Manager of the Year.”

At WWF, Hart also managed wrestlers like King Kong Bundy, Honky Tonk Man, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, with whom he formed “The Hart Foundation,” Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and Hulk Hogan.

Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan left the WEF after Hogan lost the WWF World Heavyweight Title to Yokozuna.

World Championship Wrestling and later career

After leaving the World Wrestling Federation, Hart managed Hogan at the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Bash at the Beach in 1994, when Hogan won his first WCW World Heavyweight Title.

However, in 1995, Jimmy turned his heel on Hogan to work with the Giant. During the same time, he also managed the evil faction, the Dungeon of Doom.

When the rival WWF bought WCW, Hart, in collaboration with several wrestlers and investors, created the Xcitement Wrestling Federation (XWF) that was set to replace the WCW and bring back the 1990s wrestling style – family-oriented and fun entertainment with fewer storylines and more focused on pure wrestling.

During the early and late 2000s, Jimmy appeared at several wrestling events and championships, including PMG Clash of Legends, as a color commentator at the Florida Championship Wrestling in 2008, and made several appearances at the WrestleMania Axxess - an event before The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania.

Hart worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling between 2003–2011 before returning to WWE in 2011 to work on WrestleMania projects. During this period, he also hosted several live wrestling events.

Apart from wrestling events, Hart was co-owner of "Hogan's Beach," a tiki bar with a wrestling theme in Tampa, Florida. He later opened “Jimmy Hart’s Hall of Fame Bar and Tiki Deck, “which featured wrestling paraphernalia and photos.

In one of his latest appearances, Hart appeared on RAW Legends Night with Hulk Hogan, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre.

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Music career

As a teenager, Jimmy was a singer in the 60s band “The Gentrys.” The band had a million-selling record, "Keep on Dancing" in 1965.

In his professional wrestling manager career, Hart also composed theme songs for WWF and WCW wrestlers, as well as for “SummerSlam” and “WrestleMania VI.”

Jimmy also released an album with comical songs titled “Outrageous Conduct” in the late 1980s. He also wrote and sang the songs on Hulk Hogan’s album “Hulk Rules” in 1995.


TV & movie appearances

Hart appeared on Hulk Hogan's TV show, “Thunder in Paradise.” [3]He was also a cast member of the WWE reality show Legends' House.

As a close friend of Hogan, he also made appearances on the VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best” and as a judge on Hulk Hogan's “Celebrity Championship Wrestling.”

Jimmy was cast in several movies, including “It's a Bikini World” and “Big Money Rustlas.” He appeared as himself in “Monster Brawl” and “Noxious.”

Hart was also a regular on wrestling TV shows such as “SummerSlam,” “WWE Monday Night RAW,” and “2021WWF SmackDown!

Honors and achievements

Hart was featured in the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2017, the World Class Wrestling Association Hall of Fame in 2006, and the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

He also received the Cauliflower Alley Club Manager's Award in 2015.

Personal life

Jimmy Hart married Michelle Lamerely in 1970. They have four children. [4]


Jimmy Hart is a professional wrestler, manager, booker, composer, and musician. He is most known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation now World Wrestling Entertainment) and World Championship Wrestling, managing some of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

Hart was also the vocalist for the 60s rock band The Gentrys. He also appeared on many wrestling shows and Hulk Hogan’s reality shows.

Hart’s net worth is estimated at $5.5 million.


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