Glen Davis Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 11,000,000
Real name Ronald Glen Davis
Source of Wealth Sports
Profession Basketball player
Spouse/Partner /
Date of Birth Jan 1, 1986
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 37
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 206 cm / 6 ft 9 inch
Nationality American
Siblings /


Ronald Glen Davis, also known as Glen "Big Baby" Davis, is a retired professional basketball player from America.

During his career, Davis played for the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Clippers, and St. John's Edge.

He has earned many awards, but winning the NBA championship in 2008 during his time with the Boston Celtics stands out as one of his most impressive achievements.

In 2022 his net worth is estimated at $11 million.

Growing up, earning the nickname "Big Baby" and attending LSU

Ronald Glen Davis was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on January 1, 1986.[1]

He grew up with his mom Tonya Davis and two sisters, one of whom was 11 years older than him and the other 16 months younger.

Sports has always been rooted in Davis's family. He was raised by a basketball- player mother who also participated in other sports.

While growing up, Davis was a big kid but also very skilled and talented, so his mother pushed him to play football when he was nine.

However, Davis had to play with seniors because he was significantly larger than other boys his age. Being the youngest player on the team, yet by far the biggest in size, he earned the nickname “Big Baby,” which he kept for the rest of his career.[2]

Davis didn't know his father (Donald Robertson) until his senior year in high school. He, unfortunately, passed away seven days after they met.[3]

Being raised only by his mom, who was also a drug addict and got arrested at one point, caused him and his sisters to be placed in foster care.

After bouncing between foster care and home, Davis met Collis Temple Jr., the first black man to play university basketball at LSU, and started living with him.[4]

Davis enrolled at Louisiana State University Laboratory School after completing high school and took up basketball while his love for football waned.

The gifted Davis became part of the "Tigers"- LSU's basketball team and helped them reach their first Final Four since 1986.

Thanks to his achievements, he was voted for SEC Player of the Year and named to the ALL-SEC first team in 2006.[5]

NBA Draft, entering the Boston Celtics, and further career

Having played for the Tigers for some time, Davis decided it was time to move past the nest and apply for the 2007 NBA Draft.

He was picked up by the Seattle SuperSonics but later traded to the Boston Celtics.

As a member of the Boston Celtics, Davis had his first start against the Sacramento Kings and scored 16 points, leading the team to victory by 12 points.

During his time with the Boston Celtics, Davis achieved a significant time game and set personal records with each passing game.

On January 5, 2008, Davis tallied 16 points out of his 20 against the Detroit Pistons.

The same year, during his beginner moments, Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA Finals by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers.

In 2009, Davis scored 24 points against the Memphis Grizzlies, setting a new then-career-high.

The Boston Celtics signed Davis to a two-year, $6.5 million contract on August 10, 2009, and in 2011, when the contract ended, he joined the Orlando Magic.

While playing for his new team, Davis achieved 31 points against the Detroit Pistons, which was a new career high for him at that moment.

In 2013 he set another personal record playing against the Philadelphia 76ers.

However, Davis ended the contract with the Orlando Magic in 2014.

Davis's next team was the Los Angeles Clippers, and he was part of it for one year.

In 2018 he became part of St. John's Edge and stayed until 2019.

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Personal life and Scandals

There is little information regarding Davis's personal life and relationships.

According to some online sources, the retired basketball player has been married and has a daughter, but he is now divorced, and his relationship status is single.[6]

On another note, the NBA player was involved in a few scandals through the years.

In 2018 he was arrested for drug possession and distribution, and in 2021, he and 18 other NBA players were charged for showing fraudulent documents to get reimbursement.[7]


Glen “Big Baby” Davis is an American NBA player.

His career highlights include playing for some of the most famous basketball teams like the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Clippers, and St. John's Edge.

His net worth is estimated at $11 million.


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