Gary Owen Net Worth

Net Worth $ 3,000,000
Real name Gary Cameron Owen
Source of Wealth Stand-Up Comedy, Acting
Profession Comedian, Actor
Spouse/Partner Kenya Duke
Date of Birth Jul 26, 1974
Zodiac Leo
Age 48
Gender Male
Height 190 cm / 6 ft 2 inch
Nationality American


Gary Cameron Owen is mostly known for his stand-up comedy shows. Ever since 1997, Owen has been well-known to the public, and was even named “Funniest Serviceman in America”.[1]

He played parts in several movies, some of which are: “Get Hard,” “Think Like A Man,” “Think Like a Man Too,” “Ride Along,” and several others.

He gained a lot of popularity while performing for Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘All-Star Comedy Jam.’

His net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2022.

Early life

Gary Owen didn’t have it easy while growing up. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in an Oxford trailer park. Since he had six brothers and sisters, living in a trailer must have been quite difficult for them.[2]

After graduating from high school, Gary Owen enlisted in the Navy to help out with the financial situation at home. He was initially placed in the Presidential Honor guard, but he didn’t quite feel like he belonged there. He got transferred to San Diego later, but it didn’t seem like he was doing much better, since he only had three arrests in the time span of two years.

While still working in San Diego, Owen decided to give comedy a try. He did his best to build a name for himself in the stand-up comedy business, so he started performing regularly in San Diego clubs.

Gary Owen’s stand-up comedy career

When he started performing in clubs, he struggled to get new gigs in bigger comedy clubs. He took advice from some of his black colleagues that he should try performing in clubs that have predominantly black patrons.

This is where people started finding out who Owen was, and at this time, he got acknowledged as ‘the Funniest Serviceman in America’, since he hadn’t left his job position at the Navy yet.

He took part in a radio competition for Black comedians, and surprisingly, he won. He got the title ‘Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego,’ which is how he got into one of the biggest and most famous Hollywood comedy clubs, ‘The Comedy Store’.[3]

He later auditioned for the BET show, where he had to compete with other comedians, with the reward being the winner would get to host the show for a whole year. Gary Owen won and was the first white man to host the show.

He left the military three months earlier than planned, and while working as a host for the BET, he got enough exposure to launch a career in the movie industry as well.

His first big role was in 2012 when he was cast as Bennett for the rom-com ‘Think Like a Man.’ He worked alongside really popular actors, which was a great opportunity for Owen.

Some of the shows and movies he worked on are: “Daddy Day Care,” “Love Chronicles,” “Hillbilly Highway,”,”“Rebound,”,” “Little Man,”,” “Who Made the Potatoe Salad?”, “College,” “House of Payne,” “Held Up,” “Funny Business,” “Meet the Blacks,,””“Ride Along,” “Get Hard,” “Think Like a Man Too,” and “Back on the Strip,” as his latest movie release, 2022.

Personal life

Gary Owen married Kenya Duke in 2003, and they have two children together: Austin and Kennedy. Kenya has an older son from a previous marriage, Emilio, who lives with them.

In March 2021, Gary Owen filed for divorce, and the couple split shortly after. He addressed his divorce in a recent radio interview with ‘Breakfast Club,’ and the full interview can be found on YouTube. [4]


Gary Owens is one of the rare celebrities that come from humble beginnings and built their brands by doing a lot of hard work.

His net worth is estimated at $3 million, most of which he made by working as a stand-up comedian, and his roles in movies, TV shows, and hosting shows.


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