Efren Reyes Net Worth

Net Worth $ 7,000,000
Real name Efren Bata Reyes
Source of Wealth Pool Playing
Profession Professional Pool Player & Actor
Spouse/Partner Susan Reyes
Date of Birth Aug 26, 1954
Zodiac Virgo
Age 68
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 180 cm / 5 ft 10 inch
Nationality Filipino
Siblings 1

Efren Reyes’s net worth is estimated at $7 million net worth 💵


Biography and early life

The professional pool player from the Philippines, Efren Bata Reyes[1] , also known as ‘The Magician,’ or ‘Bata’, was born in Pampanga province, Central Luzon, Philippines. When he was five years old, he moved to Manila with his family.

His love for billiards started when he was a kid and worked as a billiards attendant at a billiard hall that his uncle held. People would joke about him because, often, he would sleep at night on the pool table.

As a child, Efren would do anything to play the billiards, and he even played while standing on a coca-cola case, which he moved around to reach the pool table.

There is no record of where he went to school or whether he attended college.

Turning his passion for billiards into a career

Efren’s pool playing started in the ’60s; however, his big breakthrough came in 1983 when he defeated his opponent, Pepito Dancer, at the Philippine Professional Pocket Billiards Championship. Soon after, he realized he was good at that and started a more international acclamation.

In America, he won several big tournaments, and then his success was also noticed in Europe and his home country, and by the mid-90s’, Reyes was recognized as one of the best pool players.

In 1995, Efren was ranked number one in the U.S.’s Pro Billiard Tour, and the Pool and Billiard Magazine ranked him #2 on the list of ‘Top 20 Favorite Players’.[2]

In 2001, Reyes won the International Billiard Tournament in Tokyo and received a 170k prize which was probably the biggest prize a professional pool player could get at that time.

Afterward, in 2002, he won the International Challenge of Champions. In 2004, he won the WPA World Eight Ball Champion and became the first pool player in WPA history who won world championships in two different disciplines.

In 2003, Reyes appeared in the Filipino movie “Pakners”[3]and in 2007 in the short film “Nineball”.

In 2005, Reyes won the IPT King of the Hill 8-Ball Shootout and gained $200k. In 2006, he represented his home country, the Philippines, in the inaugural World Cup of Pool.

Also, he won the IPT World Open Eight-ball Championship and cashed $500k.[4]


In 2010, he claimed his fifth world title in the 12th annual Derby City Classic, making him the most successful pool player in the tournament's history.

Besides his successful career as a professional pool player, Reyes has also done some big endorsement deals, which brought him a lucrative income to enjoy.

Most famous for

Efren Reyes is most famous for being the first pool player to win the WPA World Championships in two different pool disciplines.

In the professional pool-playing world, he is best known for his unique routine movements of the wrist and shoulder.


Personal life

Efren is a married man, and his wife is Susan Reyes, with whom he shares three children, one son, and two daughters. Resources claim that Susan was his girlfriend long before they married.


Currently, Efren lives in Mexico with his family.


Who is the number #1 pool player in the world?

Most people consider Efren Reyes the number one and best-ranked pool player in the world.

Who is the wealthiest pool player in the world?

Even though pool playing is still considered a recreational sport, professional players can earn good money. The richest pool player as of 2022 is still Efren Reyes, with a net worth of around $7 million.


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