Demi Rose Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 6,000,000
Real name Demi Rose Mawby
Source of Wealth Modeling
Profession Model, social media celebrity, former DJ
Spouse/Partner /
Date of Birth Mar 27, 1995
Zodiac Aries
Age 28
Gender Female
Pronoun She/Her
Height 158 cm / 5 ft 2 inch
Nationality English
Siblings 1 sister

Demi Rose's net worth is estimated at $6 million 💵

Biography and early life

Demi Rose is a 27-year-old British model, former DJ, and social media influencer.

Demi was born and raised in Birmingham, England. She is the firstborn child to father Barrie Mawby and mother Christine Mawby, and she also has one younger sister. Sadly, both of her parents are now dead. Her father passed away from cancer, and her mother died from a stomach infection.

Her love for modeling started right after she reached adolescence, and she did her first model work at her school New Oscott Primary School, Sutton Coldfield. She proceeded with her education at John Willmont High School, earning a degree in Beauty Therapy.

Demi also has a college degree and attended Walsall College, where she pursued an education in beauty and Spanish.


Demi’s career beginnings were when she started taking selfies for Instagram at the age of 18, which quickly gained her many fans. That’s why she caught the attention of the American publicity group Taz’s Angels[1] , which includes models living together in a mansion. Demi made a contract with them in 2015 and was also included in the project for a short time.

Some believe that this group of models who lived together in this luxurious mansion, managed by a man named Taz (known as the black Hugh Hefner), were an escort service.

Some of her most prominent work gigs as a model include her being featured in magazines like Zoo[2] , Nuts[3] , and FHM[4] .

In 2012, Demi also dived into acting and appeared in the movie ‘End Time’[5] , where she played herself.

Apart from this, Demi also briefly ventured into the DJ world in 2017, and as the Daily Star reported[6] , she released her first remix called “Sweet Serenity” and, shortly after that, was named the world’s sexiest DJ in 2020.

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Most famous for

Apart from being best known for her bikini selfies which show her busty figure, Demi is famous for being a brand ambassador of “PrettyLittleThing” - one of the most successful UK-based fashion traders.

Also, she is well known because she worked with reputable magazines like M! Magazine Denmark, FHM Magazine, and WorldStar HipHop and was on the cover of Sixty6 magazine.

And that is not all, because Demi also is very famous for being spotted in numerous music videos, in clips with DJ Khaleb, Chris Brown, and Tom Zanetti.

Overall, she is most famous for her Instagram account, which has over 19 million followers, and she endorses and promotes luxurious brands through her beautiful curvy physique and sexy looks.


In 2016, Demi dated rapper Tyga, and between 2017 - 2019 she dated DJ Chris Martinez.

Specific info

Demi Rose also has an OnlyFans[7]account, an internet content subscription service based in London. This leaves us to the conclusion that there might be some controversy around her.

A few things you might didn’t know about Demi Rose

  • She is a big fan of Johnny Depp and Marilyn Monroe.
  • She is Christian.
  • Demi grew up in the middle class.
  • Her pet’s name is Teddy.
  • She has no cosmetic procedures except for her laser eye surgery.
  • Demi’s most savored cuisine is Italian and Japanese.
  • A few years ago, she had poor eyesight.

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Currently, Demi lives in the heart of Miami, Florida, and owns a luxurious house, living a high-caliber lifestyle. Her net worth as of 2022 is estimated at over $6 million, and it is assumed to grow way more in the years to come.

Now that she is already established as a model and a socialite, we can only assume that she will endeavor more into acting, as she did before and was good at it.


What is Demi Rose's weight?

Currently, Demi weighs 114 lbs which is 52 kilograms.

Is Demi in a relationship?

There is no record online that Demi is dating someone now. However, there are rumors that she is secretly dating someone unknown.


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