David Miscavige Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 1,000,000
Real name David Miscavige
Source of Wealth Chairman of Scientology Board
Profession Businessman, Chairman of Scientology Board, Religious Leader
Spouse/Partner Shelly Miscavige
Date of Birth Apr 30, 1960
Zodiac Taurus
Age 63
Gender Male
Height 160 cm / 5 ft 2 inch
Nationality American


David Miscavige is the leader of the Scientology church and the chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center.

He is currently 62 years of age and has been the leader of the Scientology Church since 1987.

As of 2022, David’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Early life

David Miscavige was born in 1960 on the 30th of April, to Ronald and Loretta Miscavige. He was born in a Roman Catholic Polish-Italian family in Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Miscavige and his twin sister Denise were raised in Willingboro Township, New Jersey.

David played football and baseball as a boy, even though he suffered from health issues.

Miscavige’s father, Ronald, started showing interest in Scientology during this period. Reportedly, he sent his youngest child to a 45-minute discussion, claiming that this is what cured his illnesses for the rest of his life.

In 1971, David’s family joined Scientology, and after a while, they moved to their world headquarters in Saint Hill Manor, England. David started progressing quickly in the Church and was conducting auditing sessions by the age of twelve, and was labeled as the ‘12-year-old prodigy’ among Scientology members.

In 1976, David left high school and moved to Clearwater, Florida, to join the Sea Org., a Scientologist organization founded by leader L. Ron Hubbard, where young boys were delivering telexes, groundskeeping, doing food services, taking photographs for brochures, and carrying out Hubbard’s personal errands.

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Roles in the Church of Scientology

In 1977, David was living in La Quinta, California, working closely next to Hubbard. He was later appointed to the CMO (Commodore’s Messenger Organization), promoting Hubbard’s policies within the minor organizations, and by 1979, David was appointed head of the CMO. The following year, Hubbard stopped making public appearances related to Scientology, so David Miscavige was put in charge of the Watchdog Committee, and the All Clear Unit, which was dealing with legal claims against Hubbard.

By the time David turned 19, he was the head of CMO, leading teams that were investigating problematic areas. When Hubbard died in 1987, David became the Captain of the Sea Org.

David continued working as a leader of the Church of Scientology. He rose to prominence when he had to deal with the IRS scandals regarding the church's tax status since the IRS refused to recognize Scientology as a nonprofit charitable organization. In addition, Hubbard’s estranged son accused David of embezzlement, including his claims that ‘David manipulated Hubbard’ into him taking over the church.

Regarding the pricing list for Scientology members, when members get higher in the church, the Church expects them to take new courses - the beginner’s class being $650, audits costing $800, and Dianetics books being an estimated $4,000.

In 1992, the Church of Scientology managed to resolve its issues with the IRS, and Scientology was granted recognition as a nonprofit organization. What this meant for the Church was, a tax exemption law was on their side, followed by tax deductions for members contributing to their programs.

From 2003 to 2007, David worked on editing and correcting Hubbard’s books, lectures, and translating many of his works into other languages. In the same period, David opened Scientology centers in many major cities - Madrid, NY, London, Berlin, Rome, Miami, San Diego, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

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Controversies during his leadership

In 2009, the St. Petersburg Times published an article called “The Truth Rundown,” which included claims made by former high-ranking Scientology officials that Miscavige had humiliated and physically beaten people on his staff, keeping them in awful, inhumane conditions on a property owned by the Church, known to members as “The Hole.”

One of the former members, Mike Rinder, claimed he had been physically attacked by Miscavige on more than fifty occasions. Lawrence Write, an author, interviewed dozens of individuals who claimed they had been attacked themselves. Amy Scobee claimed that she was present when Jeff Hawkins was attacked by Miscavige - David jumped on the table, ran towards him, started hitting him, and shoved him down on the floor.

“Inside Scientology: The Truth Rundown” received journalistic honors, and was awarded the Gold Medal for Public Service.

The Church has since declined all claims, claiming that all mentioned accusations have come from bitter former members, trying to get money out of the organization. According to Scientology officials, the mentioned accusations are fabricated lies and are considered fundamental crimes against the Scientology religion.

In the time frame of 2009-2010, Miscavige was under investigation by the FBI on suspicion of human trafficking and slavery, but also child abuse and forced labor. The investigation was dropped soon after.

As of 2020, the Church of Scientology is dealing with a lawsuit from David’s personal steward, who is suing him for kidnapping, stalking, slander, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. In addition, Danny Masterson was sued along with the Scientology organization for the harassment of three women.

The worst accusation is, three ex-Scientology workers filed a lawsuit for human trafficking and exploitation of children as young as six years old, in April 2022. The lawsuit includes multiple sexual assaults of children by senior members of the Sea Org.

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Personal life

David Miscavige is married to Shelly Miscavige, who, strangely enough, hasn’t been seen in public since August 2007. Multiple Scientology members stated that she disappeared after filling several job vacancies without David knowing.

As a result of speculations, two lawyers who claimed they represented her, stated ‘she was devoting her time to working for the Scientology Church.’

A missing person’s report was filed, but it was soon closed, and the LAPD refused to give any information regarding the details of the report.

David Miscavige is a close friend of Tom Cruise and was his best man when Tom married Katie Holmes.


David Miscavige is an American Church leader, mostly famous to the public as leading the Church of Scientology after Hubbard.

As of 2022, David’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.