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Net Worth $ 2,000,000
Real name Jill Casey DeSantis
Source of Wealth Hosting TV show and news anchor, First Lady of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Profession Former local newscaster, anchor, TV show host, currently the First Lady of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Spouse/Partner Married to Ron DeSantis
Date of Birth Jun 26, 1980
Zodiac Cancer
Age 42
Gender Female
Height 169 cm / 5 ft 6 inch
Nationality American


Jill Casey DeSantis, is the First Lady - wife to the 46th Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Before assuming the role of First Lady, Casey DeSantis worked as a TV show host and news anchor. She also tried her hand at writing and producing a TV documentary - “Champion, The JT Townsend Story.[1]

In the role of First Lady, DeSantis has launched several remarkable initiatives dedicated to helping victims of substance abuse, raising awareness of the consequences among students, and helping affected families reach economic self-sufficiency. Casey DeSantis’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Early life, education, and career before being First Lady of Florida

Casey DeSantis (née Black) was born in Troy, Ohio, on June 26, 1980, to her father, Robert Black, a former officer in the US Air Force and optometrist, and her mother, Jeanne Caponigro, a pathologist, and a Sicilian immigrant’s daughter.

She attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a minor in French. [2]

The First Lady was also a member of the International Economics Honors Society and an accomplished equestrian, with three times as a national champion equestrian. Casey was also runner-up at the Division I NCAA National Championships.

After graduating, DeSantis veered towards a public professional life. She started working as a producer and on-air host for the PGA Tour and On The Tee programs on the Golf Channel.

Besides this engagement, the First Lady also worked for two local TV stations in Jacksonville, Florida, including WJXT. Her job position ranged from newscaster to general assignment reporter, police beat reporter, and anchor.

During her TV career, DeSantis covered several high-profile military stories, such as the deployments of USS John F. Kennedy, the last and now-decommissioned aircraft carrier, and the USS Florida, a cruise missile submarine.

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The First Lady also worked as a moderator on the panel discussion show The Chat and hosted First Coast Living and The American Dream talk shows.

Apart from hosting TV shows, DeSantis also produced the documentary “Champion, The JT Townsend Story.”

DeSantis was nominated twice for an Emmy Award - for her primetime investigative series “Real Life CSI” and the documentary “Champion, The JT Townsend Story.” She won an Emmy Award for her on-air work.

Work as the First Lady of Florida

After assuming the role of the First Lady of Florida as the wife of Governor Ron DeSantis, DeSantis has launched four significant initiatives.[3]

  • Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity, Economic Self-Sufficiency and Hope - the initiative is a collaboration between the private sector, government entities, the faith-based community, and nonprofits, aimed at breaking community silos and opening up new opportunities primarily for single parents dealing with substance abuse and children who get out of foster care after coming of age. By March 2022, the Hope Florida project helped more than 25,000 Floridians gain economic self-sufficiency.
  • The Facts. Your Future
  • Resiliency Florida initiative
  • Character Education Standards - Character Education Standards

Apart from these initiatives, First Lady DeSantis launched the First Lady's Medal for Courage, Commitment and Service in 2019. She also announced that the 2019 Black History Month in Florida was themed "Celebrating Public Service."

The First Lady and Governor DeSantis received the winners of Florida's Black History Month student contests and Excellence in Education Award recipients at the Governor's Mansion.

Relief efforts after Hurricane Ian

The latest initiative for which Casey DeSantis has made headlines was the relief efforts after the most devastating Hurricane Ian in September 2022.[4]

Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis announced that $25 million from the State of Florida would be donated for materials and repair of the damaged homes.

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Additionally, $35.2 million from the Florida Disaster Fund were dedicated to social services support organizations to cover volunteer costs and other needs arising from the aftermath of the hurricane, such as transportation, food, clothing, housing aid, and household goods.

What made the public turn attention to the First Lady during the relief efforts is that it was the first instance a governor and a politician running for office stepped aside and let his wife take the lead on the state’s initiative to raise money for the recovery of the Hurricane.[5]

Although it’s common for governors running for office to assign leading roles to their lives on certain initiatives, it’s uncommon for a governor to put his spouse in a prominent speaking role during a crisis.

This was the case when Governor DeSantis stepped back to allow the First Lady to address the nation at the disaster press briefings after Hurricane Ian.

Private life

Casey DeSantis met Ron DeSantis on a golf course while he was a naval officer at Naval Station Mayport. The couple married in 2010 and have three children - two daughters, Madison and Mamie, and a son Mason.

DeSantis was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2021. Luckily, she announced that she beat cancer in March 2022. Afterward, Casey DeSantis helped to secure $100 million in recurring funding for cancer research in the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget. [2]

She also visits cancer patients to highlight the importance of early screening and provide support to the patients’ families. Due to her dedication to the fight against cancer, the Florida Consortium of National Institute Centers Program was renamed “Casey DeSantis Cancer Research Program.”

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Casey DeSantis is the First Lady of Florida and wife to Ron DeSantis, the 46th Governor of Florida. Before assuming the role, she worked as a TV show host and news anchor in local stations in Jacksonville, Florida.

DeSantis has launched several important initiatives as a First Lady to raise awareness of the consequences of substance abuse, helping victims become economically self-sufficient, helping children that age out of the foster care system, and teaching students about the importance of resilience.

The First Lady also spearheaded the relief efforts after the devastating Hurricane Ian in Florida. After beating breast cancer, she dedicated herself to raising awareness of early screening and supporting families affected by cancer.

Casey DeSantis’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Cover image source: Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida


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