Brock Davies Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 5,000,000
Real name Brock Davies
Source of Wealth Reality TV Star, Fitness Training
Profession Reality TV Star, Fitness Trainer & Enterpreneur
Spouse/Partner Scheana Shay
Date of Birth Mar 10, 1991
Zodiac Pisces
Age 32
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 182 cm / 5 ft 11 inch
Nationality Australian
Siblings /

Brock Davies’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million 💴

Biography and early life

One of the stars of the popular reality show “Vanderpump Rules”[1] , Brock Davies, was born in New Zealand. There is no information about who his parents are or whether he has siblings.

From a young age, Brock was very fond of sports, and at 19, he started playing rugby professionally.

Brock went to a local private school and studied at Colorado State University.

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Brock’s life before the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules

Before he became a reality show sensation, Brock Davies loved playing football and rugby and tried to play professionally, aiming towards a career in that field.

He even played in professional rugby championships in England, Australia, France, and the USA.

In addition to rugby, Brock also played for the New England Patriots in the NFL[2]but later decided to quit that and make a career in fitness.

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Brock Davies's fitness journey

Brock has always been fascinated with the human body and how one can change its shape by maintaining a healthy diet and following a regular exercise regime.

As a fitness enthusiast for most of his life, in 2018, he decided to invest in a fitness studio and opened “F45 Training East Hillcrest,” where he now provides personal training for clients.

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Career as a reality star and fitness influencer

We can confirm that Brock’s net worth would probably not be as it is today if it wasn’t for the reality show “Vanderpump Rules” and his now-wife Scheana Shay.

Some sources say that Brock made a fortune thanks to Scheana and their romantic relationship, which became serious, and viewers just loved how it all turned out.

“Vanderpump Rules” has nine seasons as of 2022 and started in 2013; Brock joined it in 2021, in the latest season.

Besides having an athletic past and his career as a reality TV star, Brock also does many brand endorsements, evident in his Instagram posts.

Usually, he promotes fitness products that he believes in and has collaborated with notable fitness organizations.

He is also the CEO of Homebody Live Fitness, which offers workout videos, tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and so.

Most famous for

Brock Davies is most famous for his athletic build body and being a reality TV star in the American reality show “Vanderpump Rules”.

Personal life and relationships

Brock has three kids, two from his previous marriage and one with his now-wife Scheana Shay.

The couple has a baby girl named Summer.

There are some controversies and rumors about Brock not having seen his kids over a few years now, not paying child support for them, and being accused of domestic violence.

This situation influenced how fans perceived him; however, nothing has yet been proven true from these allegations.

Things you didn’t know about Brock Davies

  • He loves animals and nature.
  • He is a sports freak.
  • He loves motorcycles.
  • He loves snowboarding.


How much does Brock make per episode of Vanderpump Rules?

Reportedly, Brock Davies earns around $12,000 per episode of the reality show “Vanderpump Rules”.

Does Brock Davis still own F45?

Yes, he is still the owner of the F45 gym based in San Diego county, California.

How much do F45 owners make?

Allegedly, S1, F45 franchise owners are making an average of $106,000 EBITDA per year.


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