British Royal Family Net Worth 2021

British Royal Family net worth

The British Royal Family Net Worth 2021: The British royals are one of the most well-known royals around the world, and despite the dedication, they inspire their fortunes are actually dwarfed by other royals around the world.

The British royal family 2021 is $ 88 billion, and it can often change little. Queen Elizabeth II has an estimated net worth of $ 530 million.

Let’s take a deeper look at the net worth of the British royal family 2021, their sources of income, and how they earned millions.

British royal family principle:

British Royal Family net worth

When discussing royal finances, the official website of the Royal Family notes that “the monarchy is sometimes described as an expensive institution, where the royal finances are shrouded in confusion and confidentiality. In fact, the royal family is obligated to ensure that public funds are spent with the same wisdom and efficiency as possible, and make financial affairs The property is transparent and understandable as much as possible ”.

Members of the British royal family get income from a number of sources, and they release the numbers to the general public each year.

We break down the main sources of income for Queen Elizabeth II as well as the money that Duchess Kate, Prince William, Duchess Meghan, and Prince Harry receive for their official duties.

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Sovereign Grant:

The main source of income for the British royal family is the Sovereign Grant, which is paid by the government in support of the Queen’s official duties. The grant actually comes from “a percentage of the royal crown’s revenue,” according to the official website of the royal family.

The Crown Estate is a UK real estate company worth £ 14.3 billion ($ 18.3 billion), with Its surplus revenues accrue to the treasury, and thus to the public.

Although the Queen technically owns The Crown Estate de facto, the foundation is managed by an independent council.

The government indicates that the Crown Estate’s annual surplus plays a role in determining the amount to be provided to the royal family via the Sovereign Grant.

While the majority of Crown Estate’s real estate earnings go directly to the government, about 15% make up the Sovereign Grant, an annual stipend that goes toward official royals’ duties, basic maintenance, press and communications, security details, and the travel of a few key royals.

The 1919-2018 spending report included an approximate £ 20 million (roughly $ 25 million) increase, which according to Express was due to renovations and upgrades at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Collection Trust, which is responsible for maintaining the Queen’s public residences and welcoming visitors year-round, generates a lot of money annually, yet most of the fund’s income goes back to the care of art assets and crown-related value properties (such as Windsor Castle and Crown Jewels) and does not benefit Any of the members of the royal family personally.


British Royal Family Net Worth 2020
Queen Elizabeth II


Royal Duchies:

Duchy of Lancaster

Much of the Queen’s income comes from the Duchy of Lancaster, according to its official website, “The Duchy of Lancaster, founded in the 18th century, is a unique portfolio of lands, possessions, and assets held as a trust of sovereignty in his or her role as Duchy of Lancaster.”
The revenues of this duchy amount to 26 million dollars.

Duchy of Cornwall

Meanwhile, most of Prince Charles’ income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, according to his website William, Kate, Megan, and Harry “use income from the Duchy of Cornwall to pay for their official activities, supported by the Queen’s Sovereign Grant Funding to provide assistance with travel and official property.”
The annual income of this duchy is about $ 40 million.


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Personal revenue of the British Royal Family:


The Queen uses her personal income, “derived from her personal investment portfolio and private estates,” to cover her personal expenses, according to her website.


Formal royal residences, pieces in the royal collection, and crown jewelry are not the private property of the queen, they are simply held in her possession while they serve the role of sovereign, she cannot sell them and will eventually pass them on to her successor.


Meghan Markle is known to have had her personal fortune, which she acquired during her career as an actress and influencer, before joining the royal family.


Both Harry and William are known to have inherited money from their late mother, Princess Diana, and the Queen Mother.


The British Monarchy Net Worth as of 2021


According to Forbes, the net worth of the British royal family in 2021 is $ 88 billion, and it can often change little.


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