Brad Lea Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 15,000,000
Real name Brad Lea
Source of Wealth Owner of LightSpeed TV tech company and portfolio of companies
Profession Entrepreneur, podcast host of Dropping Bombs, author, founder of LightSpeed VT, public speaker
Spouse/Partner Meissa Renee Lea
Date of Birth Nov 9, 1969
Zodiac Scorpio
Age 53
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 178 cm / 5 ft 10 inch
Nationality American


Brad Lea [1]is a businessman, entrepreneur, and angel investor most known as the podcast host of “Dropping Bombs - a podcast on entrepreneurship, business, money, leadership, etc., and founder and CEO of the tech company LightSpeed VT [2]- a virtual, web-based training system for companies.

His profile was featured in some of the high-end publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, High Rise Life, Inc., and The New York Times.

Brad Lea’s net worth is estimated at $15 million. Most of his wealth is the fruit of his company LightSpeed and his portfolio of companies. But Brad didn’t start off so successful in life. In this article, we’ll dive into his early life and career beginnings.

Early life

Brad Lea’s beginnings were humble. He was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon, in a middle-class family. However, his parents divorced when he was only 2. His mother was left raising him and his other 4 siblings, including a newborn.

Unable to provide for them, his mother left Brad and his siblings in a foster home and only kept the baby. Fortunately, his father stepped up and took them in with his family. They ended up moving to Eugene, Oregon.

In the following years, Lea lived a comfortable life. In this period, he also learned a lot about hard work from his father's array of businesses, which would serve a great deal in his later years.

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Career beginnings

Brad dropped out of school at 16 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. But after several months of trying, he went broke and had to return home. At 17, he got a job at the Forest Service in Oregon, imagining himself as a hero who fights fires and rescues hikers.

However, the job required a lot of manual labor and offered little recognition, so Brad quit after the first day. The next day he applied for a car salesperson job and got it. Brad finally found his passion. He was doing really well; he started earning considerably for an 18-year-old and outperformed other employees.

Lea also sold vacuum cleaners and art, helping him develop his sales skills and learn a lot about human psychology, and how to close deals.

Brad realized he had a knack for training people and wanted to teach other people how to sell. He created his own lease presentation, named the Real Deal presentation [3] , and traveled around the country training sales teams. But, he realized that by traveling around and training people on the spot, he could reach a limited number of people.

Luckily, at the same time around, another thing was emerging that would help him to reach a wider audience and pass on his knowledge - the internet.

Founding LightSpeed VT

Brad launched LightSpeed VT - his web-based and video-based training and communications company, in 1999. The goal of the company was to revolutionize the online training world by providing an interactive training platform.

The company is located in Los Angeles, Nevada, but it welcomes students from around the world.

Brad came up with the idea of LightSpeed after he started training people how to sell, persuade and close deals. However, he noticed that he couldn’t change people’s behavior and help them get successful.

He discovered that the 4 keys to effective training [4]are good content, repetition, practice and accountability. He conducted research and concluded that the majority of companies make the same mistakes when training their stuff. So he decided to build the technology to enable companies to create their own training systems and train their staff.

The LightSpeed VT platform provides companies with interactive training software to train their employees, track their performance, and measure results. The platform also allows people to share their knowledge and monetize on it.

Brad’s mission with LightSpeed VT is to “get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it”.

Other ventures

His success with LightSpeed VT allowed Brad to grow into an influencer on social media and a thought leader and start other projects.

He also launched the podcast “Dropping Bombs[5]in which he shares advice to educate and inspire entrepreneurs. He invites other fellow successful business people to share their knowledge and experience.

Lea also has a YouTube channel - Brad Lea TV [6]- where he shares knowledge on sales, marketing, business, and life.

He is also the author of the book “The Hard Way,” in which he shares lessons on how to succeed in sales, business, and life.

Brad’s most recent project is "Crash House" [7] , a coaching and mastership program for professional and personal development.

Personal life

Brad Lea first became a father at a very young age - 17 years old, with his then-girlfriend. They also had another baby two years later, but Brad admitted he was not so much involved in their upbringing.

He was more involved when they had their third and fourth child, but he was still young, in his twenties, and was not as serious as a father.

He married his second wife, Meissa Renee Lea, in his mid-40s, and this is when he really grew in his role as a father. Today, he has 7 children and is an accomplished father, husband, and businessman.


Brad Lea is an American entrepreneur, businessman, author, podcast host of “Dropping Bombs,” and founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT. He also has a YouTube channel and organizes coaching and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs.

Brad Lea’s net worth is $15 million.


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