Atlanta Rapper Archie Eversole Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 4,000,000
Real name Arthur Lee "Archie" Eversole
Source of Wealth Rap career, including tours, albums, concerts, and collaborations
Profession Rapper, songwriter and CEO at Evasocold Publishing
Spouse/Partner Unknown
Date of Birth Jul 28, 1984
Zodiac Leo
Age 38
Died Apr 3, 2022
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 182 cm / 5 ft 11 inch
Nationality American
Siblings Two brothers


Archie Eversole, whose real name is Arthur Lee Eversole, is an American rapper, songwriter and CEO of the publishing company Evasocold Publishing [1] . He is best known to the American public for his 2002 hit "We Ready," which became an anthem for Atlanta sports events throughout the country.

Archie Eversole was shot by his brother Alexander Kraus on March 25, 2022, and died from the injury on April 3, 2022, at 37 years.

His net worth was estimated at $4 million at the time of his death. Below, we’ll cover the life and career of Archie Eversole.

Early life

Archie Eversole’s parents were military people - his mother was a member of the US Army, and his father was in the US Navy. Archie was born in a US base in Germany while his parents were sent on duty there.

Later, they moved back to the United States, to College Park, Georgia, close to the south part of Atlanta. This is where Archie established himself as a hip-hop and R&B artist.


Eversole began his career in 2001, at just 17 years, when he released his album “Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style,” featuring the iconic track “We Ready," which would become a Southern and later domestic sports anthem.

The album was first released by Phat Boy Records and re-released by MCA Records in 2002. After the re-release, the “Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style” album reached the 83rd spot on the Billboard 200 chart [2] and the 16th spot on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chat. [3]

Although the “We Ready” song ended up at the 66th spot on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart [4] , it grew into a sports anthem. The track was included in the promotions for National Football League and played during matches of Major League Soccer club Atlanta United.

Apart from his hit track, some of his other singles are "My Hood," featuring Mack 10, and "I Hear Ya Talkin,” featuring Big Gipp, both released in 2002.

Kansas City Royals, a baseball team from Kansas, adopted the “We Ready” song as their anthem during their Major League Baseball campaign.

After the successful reception in the sports world, Archie created a remix featuring Bubba Sparxxx and released a music video.

In 2005, Eversole opened his publishing and licensing company “Evasocold Publishing” and had multiple deals with big-name brands such as NFL, Disney, MLS, EA Sports, Fox, and Atlanta United. [5]

Eversole produced and released the track “United We Conquer,” - the theme song of the Atlanta United football team. He was also featured in Baby D’s song “ATL H*e” in 2002, together with Lil Jon and Pastor Troy.

Archie's last song was “King,” released in 2020.

The death of Archie Eversole

Unfortunately, he was found shot in his head at a gas station in DeKalb County on March 25, 2022. He was taken to the hospital, but succumbed to the injuries and passed away on April 3, 2022, at 37 years. [6]

His brother, Alexander Krause, was arrested and charged with murdering Eversole after the police discovered bloodstains on his socks.

Police reports stated that on the night of the shooting, Eversole went to the gas station to ask for help and told the store workers and officers that his shooter was still in his home.

The brothers lived together, and when the police went to his home, they found Alexander alone. The prosecution claimed there had been signs of struggle and evidence that connected his brother to the crime. [7]

Archie’s mother and his manager claimed that Alexander Krause was innocent, stating they never had any falling out.

However, Krause still remains behind bars.

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Arthur "Archie" Eversole is a popular Atlanta rapper and songwriter, whose single "We Ready" became a hit anthem for sports events in Atlanta.

Archie was shot by his brother Alexander Krause in March 2022 and died from the injury on April 3, 2022.

Eversole’s net worth was estimated at $4 million at the time of his death.


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