Alex Trebek Net Worth as of 2021

alex trebek net worth

Alex Trebek Net Worth: How Much is the Game Show Host Worth?

Before depicting what is the net worth of Alex Trebek, you have to know that he is a Canadian-American television personality who has been the host of “Jeopardy!” since 1984.

He began his career in broadcasting at age 19 when he was hired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Canada. And when he moved to united states he took over hosting duties for the game show “Jeopardy!” on national television.

Alex Trebek’s Early Life

alex trebek net worth

He is the host of the popular show Jeopardy, he was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on July 22, 1940.

Born and raised in Ontario, his parents are Jeanette (née Duhaime) and George Edward Trebek. His father was of Polish descent and his mother was of Ukrainian descent.

When he was a child, his family moved from Sudbury to Ottawa.

He attended Lisgar Collegiate Institute for high school before becoming a university student at University of Ottawa to study philosophy.

Alex Trebek Career

Alex drops out from the university of Ottawa to become a reporter for the CBC radio news service.

He worked as a reporter and host various canadian music programs with CBC Radio News in Toronto and Ottawa for several years.

He then moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1973 to work as a announcer and newscaster for NBC Radio from 1973 to 1977.

Then, He started his beloved game show career in 1984 hosting Jeopardy that lasted for 37 seasons until his death in 2020.

Trebek’s career spans five decades and he has won 31 Daytime Emmy Awards plus one primetime Emmy Award in 2004.

He also published two books; “Alex Trebek’s Trivia Almanac” and “Anatomy of a Perfect Jeopardy! Question.”

Alex Trebek’s net worth is $75 million as of 2021.

How Alex Trebek Became Popular Host!

Alex first began hosting the beloved Jeopardy! in 1984, and he hosted the show 37 seasons.

He was not the original choice to host Jeopardy! – Merv Griffin was originally tapped to host but backed out at the last minute.

It’s unclear why Merv declined, but it could have been because he wanted more creative control over his projects, which wasn’t possible with Jeopardy!

Overall, Rest in peace Alex and you will be always loved, and truly you were one of the best game show hosts of all time, and you deserve having a net worth of $75.

Alex Trebek Net Worth

Trebek as a charming personality that holds records for hosting the longest-running US game show and for winning more Emmy Awards than anyone else in a single category.

With such an incredible success and impressive resume, it is no wonder that Alex Trebek has a highly net worth of $75 million as of the time of his death.

Alex Trebek Personal Life

alex trebek net worth

Alex first spouse is Jean Currivan Trebek (m. 1990–2020), and second spouse is Elaine Callei Trebek (m. 1974–1981). and he has three children Matthew Trebek, Nicky Trebek, and Emily Trebek.

In 2013, Alex Trebek had a cancer diagnosis and announced that he was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer and viewers were shocked. He underwent treatment and began a battle with cancer, until there seemed to be no symptoms so he went back to hosting his show.

Since then, Alex Trebek has been a longtime host for The American television game show Jeopardy! but not without some struggles along the way. In 2016, Trebek had a mild heart attack that caused him to miss a few shows but after taking time off, he returned and said he felt better than ever.

But in 2020 our beloved 80-year-old television personality will die and lefts his family in tears, after his long battle with pancreatic cance. Alex Trebek leaved behind a fortune and net worth of approximatily $75 million as of 2021.

Alex Trebek Quotes:

  • “Be kinder to each other. I see America in a crisis situation right now in so many ways. And I want people to open up their hearts, and open up their hands, and open up their wallets to help each other. Because if ever there was a time when we needed to do that, that time is now.”
  • “Don’t minimize the importance of luck in determining life’s course.”
  • “Don’t tell me what you believe in. I’ll observe how you behave and I will make my own determination.”
  • “Have you ever met a successful person who wasn’t restless–who was satisfied with where he or she was in life? They want new challenges. They want to get up and go… and that’s one of the reasons they’re successful.”
  • “I don’t spend any time whatsoever thinking about what might have been.”


This is the end of our article about the net worth and the personal Life of This Canadian-born star

Who hosted for decades on of the most popular American game shows and television broadcasts.

“Alex Trebek”, Rest in Peace. and we hope that have at least provided some useful answers to your questions about his life, wealth, relationship, hard times, and his successful career.

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