Alan Rickman Net Worth

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Net Worth $ 16,000,000
Real name Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
Source of Wealth Acting
Profession Graphic Designer, Actor,
Spouse/Partner Rima Horton
Date of Birth Feb 21, 1946
Zodiac Pisces
Age 77
Died Jan 14, 2016
Gender Male
Pronoun He/Him
Height 185 cm / 6 ft 0 inch
Nationality British
Siblings Margaret Doreen Rose and Bernard William Rickman

Early Life And Biography

Alan Rickman, born on February 21, 1946, in London, in a neighborhood called Ackton, is the son of a factory worker and decorator, Margaret Doreen Rose, and World War Two aircraft fitter, Bernard William Rickman.

He was a part of a big family, including his mother, father, and three siblings named Sheila Rickman, Michael Rickman, and David Rickman.

At the young age of only eight, Alan watched his father slowly lose the battle with cancer. After his father's death, Margaret was left to raise her family independently, which was very hard to do with only one active income.

The lack of paychecks left the Rickman family living in a council estate and public housing. On top of that, Alan had a tough time because he was born with a tight jaw and a speech impediment that did not allow him to move his lower jaw properly.


Since he was young, Alan Rickman was a natural in all creative things, like calligraphy and water painting.

He attended Derwentwater Primary School in Acton, followed by "Latymer Upper School "in London, where he would eventually discover his love for theater and drama.

After attending high school, Rickman went to the "Chelsea College of Art And Design" for three years but worried that acting wouldn't get him anywhere in life, he went to another college called the "Royal College Of Art," where he trained to be a graphic designer [1] .

After graduating from "The Royal College Of Art," he and three other friends opened a graphic design studio called "Graphiti." Rickman and his peers were very successful designers and made a lot of progress very soon.

But Alan's focus was on one thing only. He wanted to try his chances at pursuing a full-time acting career.

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The Many Roles Of Alan Rickman

  1. In 1988, Rickman finally had a huge breakthrough when he landed the role of Hans Gruber in the legendary movie "Die Hard" alongside Bruce Willis.
  2. In 1991 Alan won a BAFTA award[2] for the best supporting role as Sheriff of Nottingham in "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves."
  3. In 2001 Rickman landed the role that would explode his career; the role of Severus Snape in the world-famous movie "Harry Potter."
  4. In 2003, Alan landed a role in "Love Actually," where he played a cheating husband.
  5. The second most significant role that Alan Rickman played was in 2015 in the movie "Eye In The Sky," where he portrayed "Lieutenant General Frank Benson," alongside his co-stars Hellen Miller and Aaron Paul.

Partners and Relationships

Rickman met his now-wife, Rima Horton, in the late 1960s but didn't start dating till the early 1970s. After the lovebirds began dating, they have been each other's rock ever since.

Both Rima and Alan didn't believe in the point of marriage and didn't want to give in to the norms of society, but when Rickman discovered that he had cancer in 2012, the couple married in a private setting after forty-seven years of dating.

The couple also never had any kids. In an interview, Rickman says that he would have loved them to have a family, but things didn't turn out in that favor.

He also joked that if three kids aged eight, twelve, and ten were dropped off at their place, they would have been the best parents to them.

The Tragic Death Of Alan Rickman

There is no doubt that Alan had a history of terminal cancer in his family tree. In 2005, Rickman was just about to film the fourth part of "Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix" when he found out he had prostate cancer. Alan could not continue filming the movie but would return for the next three.

In 2015, at 68, Rickman had a stroke that turned out to be terminal pancreatic cancer. Alan Rickman died in 2016 in his home in London at 69.


Alan Rickman is a British actor and director with a net worth of $16 million. He is world-known for his role as Severus Snape in the adventure movie "Harry Potter."

Alan, unfortunately, died in 2016 from a terminal stage of prostate cancer, but he will always and forever be known as the best teacher that "Hogwarts, The School Of Wizardry And Magic" ever had.


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