10 Richest Kids in The World as of 2021

Who are the Richest Kids of the World as of 2021

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Here the Top 10 Richest Kids of the World in 2021

Who are the richest kids of the world under the age of 18 as of 2021 ? You will be amazed at the wealth, fortune, and the net worth of these rich kids, who are barely 18 years old.

The whole world is watching them in disbelief as they grow up to be financially independent adults with skills to accumulate more wealth.

Parents insist that their kids should learn independently to earn money and grow wealth. So who are the youngest millionaires in the world?

Well, with No further Ado, Here is the ultimate list of the 10 richest kids in the world as of 2021.

10. Valentina Paloma Pinault

richest kid in the world

  • The Net Worth of Valentina Paloma: $12 million

Valentina may inherit more than $ 12 million from actress Salma Hayek (mother) and Francois-Henri Pinault (father).

The father of 12-year-old billionaire is the CEO of Kering.

Kering is considered among the top performing luxury companies in the world and is headquartered in Paris, France.

That’s what makes our little girl one of the richest kids of the world in 2021, and maybe she can accumulate more net worth in the upcoming years.

9. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

richest kids in the world

  • The Net Worth of Dannielynn Hope: $10 million

With a wealth and net worth of $10M,The rich 14-year-old Dannielynn has become a millionaire after inheriting her mother’s estate.

Well, her mother Anna Nicole Smith died of unintended excessive drug use.

According to a DNA test, it was established that she was the daughter of Larry Birkhead when Frederick von Anhalt, Howard K. Stern, and Alexander Dink (Nicole’s long-term bodyguard) have paternity rights on her.

8. Ryan Kaji 

ryan kaji

  • The Net Worth of Ryan Kaji: $30 million

Ryan Kaji, is among the richest kids and youtubers, the 8-year-old kid reviews games in his channel ” Ryan Toys” that has 29.1 million subscribers.

Ryan earned $ 22 million in 2018 and $ 26 million in 2019. And in 2021 He is among the richest children and kids in the world with total net worth of $ 100 million.

7. Taimur Ali Khan

taimur ali khan

  • The Net Worth of Taimur Ali Khan: $100 million

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have one of the youngest richest kids in the world.

Their son, 4-year-old Taimur Ali Khan, inherits a combined net worth of Bollywood stars of $ 100 million.

It is obvious, since his parents are considered to be the richest celebrity couples in India. and in 2021 they expresses their happiness as they have welcomed a second son.

6. Vivienne Jolie Pitt and Knox Jolie Pitt

richest kid in the world

  • The Net Worth of Vivienne and Knox Jolie Pitt: $200 million

Who is the richest 11 years kids in the world as of 2021? Well, the answer is The Jolie Pitt’s twins are the wealthiest kids as of today.

They became 12 years old last year. Born in Nice, Alpe-Maritimes, France, on July 12, 2008.

The first public photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins was the most expensive baby picture in the world, that Angelina Jolie sold it for $ 14 million.

5. Max Muniz and Emme Maribel Muniz

richest kids in the world

  • The Net Worth of Max and Emme Muniz:  $200 million

Twins Marc Anthony (singer) and Jennifer Lopez (actress / singer) net worth is roughly $ 200 Million dollars which make them among the richest kids we have on our list.

It’s all thanks to their father’s net worth is $ 80 million, while their mother owns $ 400 million.

Hence, Keep in mind that Jennifer and Marc ended their marriage in the seventh year.

4. Blue Ivy Carter

richest kids in the world - net worth

  • The Net Worth of Blue Ivy Carter: $1 billion

Daughter Beyonce and Jay-z’s have a net worth of $ 1 billion which is absolutely teh reason why she is amid the richest kids as of 2021.

Blue Ivy’s parents’ combined $ 1.5 billion net worth makes her a billionaire heiress.

The young American singer has won a BET award at the age of 8. Her date of birth is January 7, 2012, making her as of 2021 she will be nine years old.

3. Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco

prince moulay hassan

  • The Net Worth of Moulay Hassan: $1.5 billion

The 17-year-old is the son of Princess Lalla Salma and King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

The Wealthy Prince Hassan has a younger sister named Princess Lalla Khadija.

Therefore, The net worth of the royal family is $ 5.7 billion, and the prince’s stake is over $ 1.5 billion that allows him the be among the richest kids and youngsters in the world.

Don’t forget, that his Gulfstream G650 is one of the most powerful VIP aircraft, with a value of $ 67.4 million.

2. Prince George of Cambridge

prince george richest kids net worth

  • The Net Worth of Prince George of Cambridge: $3 billion

Prince George Alexander Louis’ was born on July 22, 2013, and the net worth of the 7-year-old Prince George Alexander Lewis is over $ 3 billion.

He is the third in line to the throne after Prince Charles (his grandfather) and Prince William (his father), and is expected to inherit a fortune worth more than $ 40 million from his father.

1. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

princess charlotte

  • The Net Worth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge: $5 billion

Well, Who is the richest child among the wealthiest kids in the world?

The Answer is! She is the daughter of Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) is the world’s richest children under the age of 18.

She is considered wealthier than her older brother, Princess George. In fact, the Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015.

The 5-year-old is worth more than $ 5 billion due to her influence in the fashion industry.

Therefore, The richest child in the world comes from a royal family.

Although, the whole world is excited to see the list filled with children from the wealthy and ordinary families.

But, It shows that age and family background do not always prevent the possession of enormous wealth.

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